The Walking Dead

21 year old Holly Jacobs and her big brother Logan find themselves in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. With almost no hope of survival, the siblings come upon a thriving civilization of survivors, lead by a former sheriff by the name of Rick Grimes. Will Holly and Logan find hope with this group? Or will they be torn to pieces?


5. The Escape

"Any ideas?" 

When neither of us said anything, Glenn started pacing nervously. He started mumbling very quietly to himself. 

"I never thought I'd be in this situation again... I don't have a plan for this... Rick is gonna kill me..." 

"Who's Rick?" I chimed in curiously.

"Hm?" Glenn looked up at me confusedly but then realized that he had been mumbling out loud. 

"Oh. Rick is our... leader. I guess," Glenn replied, still pacing. 

I figured I ought to try and calm him down. He was the only one who knew the area but he wasn't gonna be much help to us if he couldn't think straight. 

"Maybe we should sit down," I offered. 

Glenn paced a little bit more, but then nodded and plopped down next me on the ground of the roof. He took a deep breath and took his face into his hands.

"I'm sure Rick is not going to kill you. Obviously he trusted you with a mission like this, so I'm sure he is expecting you to be back," I assured him.

"Yeah I'm sure he is," Glenn chuckled. "Except I might not be." 

"Yes you will," I said sharply. Suddenly, I noticed that my brother was no longer next to me. I panicked for a second but then saw him standing over by a door. 

"Logan?" I called.

Logan stayed engaged in tinkering with the door but called back. 

"I think this door leads to a staircase down. But there's a pretty big chained lock on it," he shouted. 

Glenn and I stood up and walked over to the door. Logan was right, the lock was not budging. 

"Well, maybe the key is around here somewhere," I said hopefully. 

With that, I started walking around the rooftop, checking every crack and crevice for a key. I could hear Glenn and Logan arguing over at the door. 

"The chances of us finding that key are micro," Logan said sternly. 

"Well the way I see it..." Glenn started. "There are only two ways out of here. Either down the ladder, or down the stairs. But there is only one way out of here alive. We go down that ladder and we get cornered by walkers. We find that key and get down the staircase, we might have a real shot at sneaking out of here and making a run for it to my car." 

Logan nodded at him. "I hear you, but like I said, there is just no way we are gonna find a key laying around here. We might as well start thinking up another plan." 

"Like what? Jumping off the roof?" I heard Glenn say. 

I zoned out their voices and tried to really focus on what I was doing. I scanned the ledge all the way around. 

No key.

I checked the ground all the way around.

No key.

Then I started lifting up every rock, pebble, and piece of debris that maybe it was hiding under.

No key.

When I started to think that I was trying at an impossible task, I noticed something.

I noticed a little metal spout above the ground. It had rungs on its sides, and a little circular opening. I had no idea what it was... but I looked into it to humor myself. 

It was just a tiny dark hole inside. I took off my backpack and took out my flashlight. I thumped it until it turned on, then shone it down the hole. I couldn't believe what I saw. 

On a little metal ledge on the side, was a key ring. 

"I found it! I found it!" I couldn't contain my excitement. Logan and Glenn ran over to me and I showed them what I had found. 

When Glenn looked at it, he looked as if he had just remembered something. 

"Of course..." He said with a sigh. "T-Dog dropped the key... and locked the door from the inside."

Then he started looking around the rooftop. "But where's..." 

None of what he was saying made sense to me. But I tried to get him to come back to reality. 

"Okay Glenn, focus please. I need you to carefully reach in there and grab the key ring without knocking it off the ledge." 

"Why me? I'm probably the least swift out of all of us," he pleaded. 

Logan stepped up. "I'll do it," he said. 

I took a step back from the spout, still keeping my flashlight shone on the keys. Logan knelt down beside me, and slowly reached into the hole. His hand was shaky. 

"Like a claw machine..." Logan whispered, trying to comfort himself. 

Once his hand was right above the keys...

"Just grab it," I said. 

And he did. He grabbed hold of the key ring and brought it up slowly out of the spout. I heard Glenn's sigh of relief. 

Logan looked at the keys and smiled a big smile. 

"Now let's go see which key fits," I said. 

We went over to the door and began trying all the keys on the lock. The first one was too small, the second one was too small... but the third one looked hopeful. 

Logan put the third key in the hole... and it fit. He turned it and we heard the click that we knew was going to save us. 

"Yes!" Glenn yelped. 

We threw the door open and found ourselves staring down a long, dark stairway. Just like we thought. 

I held up my flashlight and went in first. I began creeping down the stairs, making sure to pay attention to where I was stepping. I heard Logan and Glenn creeping behind me. 

At the bottom of the staircase, was another door. But this one was already cracked open. We entered it and found ourselves in a store. 

It had big windows at the front so the daylight shone in brightly. The store looked pretty raided, with lots of things that seemed to be missing. Some stuff had been knocked down. 

Some mannequins were still standing with dirtied clothes on them. 

"The way out is that way," Glenn said, pointing to the big glass door. "The trouble is going to be getting by the walkers." 

"Well which way is your car?" Logan asked. 

Glenn pointed to the right. "Down that street in the alleyway." 

"Let's make a run for it," Logan proposed. 

When no one came up with a better plan, it was decided. We walked up to the big glass windows and looked through them. As far as we could see, the walkers weren't outside of the store. 

"Okay, here's the plan," Glenn started. "I'll go first since I know where the car is. Holly, you come behind me and cover me. Logan last, you cover Holly. Got it?" 

We both nodded. We watched as Glenn took a gun from his back pocket. 

"Woah, woah. You shoot?" Logan asked surprised. 

"Yeah I'm a pretty good shot. It's usually better not to use them because the sound draws them in, but in this situation, I think a gun would be more efficient, don't you?" Glenn looked from me to Logan, as if expecting us to take out our guns. 

"Oh, we don't have guns. We don't know how to shoot," I explained. 

I pulled out my baseball bat and showed him. Logan took out his golf club and did the same. 

Glenn sighed. "If you come back with us, that'll have to change. But for now, I'll do the shooting if necessary." 

We both nodded. 

Glenn reached for the door handle, and gently pushed it. He peered around the corner, and we waited for the go sign. He turned around and motioned for us to be quiet. But he stepped out of the store, and began walking down the side of the street, his gun raised. 

I followed right behind him, and Logan behind me. 

It was a slow walk, my heart pounding the whole way. When we saw the straight shot to the car, Glenn peered around the corner to check the next street. He motioned for us to huddle up with our backs to the wall. 

"Okay," he whispered. "There is a group of walkers down there towards the end of the street. The alley is straight ahead." he pointed to his red car. "We should go across one by one so we don't attract the walkers' attention." 

We nodded. 

I watched as Glenn turned his back to us, checked around the corner one more time, took a deep breath, and swiftly ran across the to the other side. Once I saw that he was safely in the alley, I waited for him to motion for my turn. 

When he did, I peered around the corner, and noticed the group of walkers. I became very scared. I stared at them for a second too long, because I made eye contact with a few of them. 

I knew that they had noticed me, because their groans grew louder and they began to limp towards me. I panicked. 

"Quickly, go now!" I heard Glenn shout. I watched as Glenn hopped in the front seat of the car and started the engine. 

With that, I sprinted across the street, and as I did so, I noticed that the walkers had gotten even closer.

"Come on Logan!" I shouted at my brother. The walkers' groans were getting louder. I knew they were getting closer. 

"Now!" I shouted again. I watched as Logan sprinted across the street. He came into close contact with the one of the walkers, and stopped to take it down. 

He swung his golf club and stabbed it square in the forehead. It was dead, but Logan dilly dallied over the body. I couldn't figure out why.

"It's stuck!" Logan shouted. He was tugging at the golf club still stuck in the walkers head. 

"Leave it!" I shouted. The other walkers were getting closer to him.

"Leave it!" I repeated. 

With that, Logan let the golf club fall to the ground, still stuck in the walker. He raced to the alley to join me. 

Glenn shouted at us to get in. I got in the front seat, and Logan got in the back. Before Logan had even shut his door properly, Glenn had slammed on the gas and drove out of the alley. 

He took a left turn, and zoomed down the street, leaving the walkers limping behind us. They were still following the car, but we were going much too fast. We lost sight of them after only a moment. 

Once we hit the highway and could slow down our speed, we all tried to calm down. We were breathing heavy and were still shaking. 

"I had to leave behind my golf club," Logan whispered. 

"Don't worry about it," I assured him. "I'm sure... Rick will have weapons for us." I struggled to remember his name. 

Glenn chuckled at that. 

"Oh yeah," is all he said. 







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