The Walking Dead

21 year old Holly Jacobs and her big brother Logan find themselves in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. With almost no hope of survival, the siblings come upon a thriving civilization of survivors, lead by a former sheriff by the name of Rick Grimes. Will Holly and Logan find hope with this group? Or will they be torn to pieces?


13. Making Amends

I was so eager to see Daryl after what had happened. I had only seen Glenn since I woke up and I knew I had to thank Daryl for saving me. I was also filled with curiosity about what kind of plan they were cooking up upstairs. 

I began getting off the couch but before I could, Glenn grabbed my arms in an attempt to help me up. 

"Glenn," I chuckled. "Seriously, I'm fine." 

Glenn smiled with embarrassment. Then he turned around and went for the stairs. I followed close behind him. 

As we slowly ascended the stairs, I paid attention to my surroundings. There were pictures hanging on the walls, but they were either cracked, tilted, or stained blood-red. 

At the top of the stairs, I noticed the hallway. I saw more blood on the dirtied carpet that led to three doorways. 

I heard rustling around from one of them. Unsure if Glenn heard the same thing, I pointed to the room in which I heard the noises. He nodded at me and walked to the first door on the left. 

The door was cracked. Glenn grabbed the knob and pushed it open. 

It was a bedroom... probably a child's old bedroom. The paint was bright and the furniture was colorful. 

 Once inside the room, I was able to hear the groans of the walkers who paced below us, surrounding the house, just waiting for someone to show them-self.  

I saw Daryl standing by an open window on the far wall. He seemed to be setting something up in front of it. When he realized we were in the room, he whirled around to look at us. 

First he noticed me. His facial expression didn't change. He just stared with awe. 

Even when Glenn spoke, he didn't take his gaze off me. 

"Where's Maggie?" Glenn asked eagerly. 


Glenn turned around to go make sure she was alright. 

In a way I was glad that Daryl and I could be alone for a minute. I needed a chance to talk to him. 

I opened my mouth to speak, but I just couldn't find the words. I just stared at him. He was the one to break it. 

"Glad you're okay," he said quietly. 

"Daryl," I studdered. "I'm really sorry for... well, everything. I shouldn't have walked out on you like that. I shouldn't have left you alone in that shack and even though you had no reason to help me..." 

My words trailed off. 

"Thank you," I finished. 

He looked at me gratefully and nodded. I knew I wasn't going to get much of a response out of Daryl. He just wasn't that kind of person. I was just glad he forgave me. 

I changed the subject. 

"What are you doing in here?" I asked. 

Daryl turned back to what he was doing. I walked closer to him to get a better view. 

"I found this down the hall," he said, pointing to a long sniper rifle he was rustling with. 

I then realized that he was setting up the rifle on a stand, pointed out the window at the crowd of walkers. 

He turned to face me. 

"This is our way out of here." 

I understood what was about to happen and I was confident that he was right. With a shooter like Daryl, no bullets would be wasted. We could be out of here in no time. 

I didn't want to distract Daryl any further, so I told him that I was going to go let Glenn know what was happening. 

I walked out of the bedroom and looked down the hall. Glenn was standing outside of another room. His arms were up on the closed door and his body leaned against it. He looked like he was in pain. 

"Glenn?" I asked. "What's wrong?" 

"It's Maggie," he replied. "She won't come out." 

I came close to the door and tried to listen. I heard soft sobs coming from inside the bathroom. 

"Maggie?" I called gently. 

No response. 

Glenn sighed and put his face in his hands. 

"Maggie please, just let me in so we can talk about it," he continued. 

He tried everything to get her to come out but she didn't budge. I could see the worry in Glenn's eyes and it was making me worried. I was about to go get Daryl when the bathroom door swung open. 

Maggie stood in the doorway, her hand grasping the door hinge. Tear stains were on her cheeks. Her eyes were red and bloodshot. Her breath was short, like hiccups. 

Glenn and I just stared at her with wide eyes, waiting for her to speak. She looked directly at Glenn.

"I'm pregnant." 





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