The Walking Dead

21 year old Holly Jacobs and her big brother Logan find themselves in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. With almost no hope of survival, the siblings come upon a thriving civilization of survivors, lead by a former sheriff by the name of Rick Grimes. Will Holly and Logan find hope with this group? Or will they be torn to pieces?


11. End of the Line

Everything I knew about Daryl Dixon was rapidly changing. I had been stuck in a one-room shack with him for a few hours now. It was especially tough because I was eager to figure out a way to escape. Daryl on the other hand... well, he wasn't too motivated to do much of anything. 

It was my turn to pace. 

I paced back and forth across the tiny bit of space I had. Daryl sat with his back to the door, right beside the dent he had kicked in earlier. 

He hung his head low. He hadn't said much since I last attacked him with panic. I knew I needed to get him moving. 

"Okay this is ridiculous," I muttered. Daryl looked up at me without any expression. He waited for me to continue. 

"We've been sitting here for hours. We're supposed to be looking for Glenn and Maggie," I continued. Daryl didn't move his gaze. 

I rolled my eyes. I went to the door and pressed my ear against it. I tried to listen for the walkers. I heard faint growls, but they seemed to be a distance away. 

"The geeks have to have gone by now. How ever many of them are left, we can take them down on our way out of here," I said confidently. 

When Daryl didn't respond, I got frustrated. I then made the decision that I didn't need him. If he wasn't gonna help me, then I would do it on my own. 

With that, I threw my backpack over my shoulder. I reached for my gun and reloaded it like Rick taught me. I didn't care how many walkers I would have to shoot. I was going to get back to my brother tonight. 

Without saying anything, I started towards the door. I grabbed the handle, but when Daryl realized what I was doing, he quickly stood up and blocked my path. 

"Where do you think you're goin'?" he said sternly. 

"I'm leaving," I said with the same tough tone. 

Daryl looked long and hard at me. 

"What?" I snapped. 

"Why don't you just sit back down," he said with a softer grunt.  

"Daryl," I paused. "Move out of my way." 

My eyes were wide looking at him. I felt as if I was staring into his soul. What seemed like a moment later, Daryl took his hands off the door and stepped aside. He put his head back down  and stared at his feet while I went for the door handle again. 

I didn't waste the opportunity. 

As if there was nothing in the world to stop me, I opened the door wide and left the shack behind me with Daryl Dixon inside. 

Once back outside, scared and exposed, I began to realize how spooky it really was to be alone. The sun had gone down while we were inside the shack. It was dark and quiet all around me. The only sounds I heard were the sounds of the wind rustling the branches of the trees. 

I stood still. I looked both ways and tried to decide which way was the way back to camp. I remembered running to the right to avoid the mob of walkers at the fork in the road. So I decided to go left. 

Before I took a step, I put my gun in ready position. 

The walk was slow and painful. I had never been alone like this. I kept wondering why I had even decided to leave the shack in the first place. Maybe Daryl knew what he was doing. 

I shook off the thought and kept going. Pretty soon I would be back with Beth in the comfort of my own tent. 

I felt like I had been walking for hours, but I still hadn't reached the fork in the road. I figured I just hadn't gone far enough yet. 

The rustling of the trees seemed to be getting louder. Every little sound I heard made me flinch in every direction. I thought I was just being paranoid, but then I was proved wrong. 

All of a sudden, I caught a glimpse of my worst nightmare limping down the street towards me. The walkers were spread out this time, but it was dark now, so it would take me even more shots to shoot them down. 

My heart was pounding at the sight of the bloody, drooling monsters groaning with every step towards their next meal. 

But I had to try. 

I took a quick breath before holding up my gun. I was shaking even worse than last time. 


The darkness made it almost impossible to see where I had hit, but when I saw a splatter of blood explode from a walkers' head, I knew I had done it. 

The walker fell to the ground, motionless. I was too shocked to even move. I sighed loudly and happily, but then realized that my victory was no good. 

When I went to pull the trigger a second time, nothing happened. 

I angrily hit the gun with my hand multiple times. 

"Come on!" I grunted at it. 

I pulled the trigger again. 

Still nothing. 

I was out of bullets. I didn't know how that was even possible... I had to have reloaded it wrong...

It didn't even matter at that point. I was dead for sure. There were too many walkers coming at me and I was weaponless. I had never felt so hopeless in my entire life, but there I was, alone and preparing to die. 

I closed my eyes. I did everything in my power to zone out the noise. I attempted to go to a happy place in my mind. I could feel the warm tears streaming down my cheeks. 


I felt a strong surge of air blow by the side of my face. I heard the sound of a walker hit the ground from what seemed like only a short distance away from where I was standing. 

I was so confused but my eyes had forced themselves shut. 


I felt the blow again. 

This time, the sound was much more familiar. I knew in a second that the sounds I heard were the sounds of arrows. 

My thoughts were hazy... but I knew what had come to my rescue. 

That was the last thing I remembered before I blacked out. 




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