The Walking Dead

21 year old Holly Jacobs and her big brother Logan find themselves in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. With almost no hope of survival, the siblings come upon a thriving civilization of survivors, lead by a former sheriff by the name of Rick Grimes. Will Holly and Logan find hope with this group? Or will they be torn to pieces?


6. Back to Camp

The car ride with Glenn and my brother went by pretty quick. Glenn kept us entertained with stories about his groups' previous triumphs and walker battle victories. 

Logan and I told Glenn about our experiences over the past few months, however none of our stories were half as interesting as his. 

"So, when we get there, you might be a little overwhelmed by everyone. We are all pretty close, so don't feel bad if you feel like outcasts for a little while. It's hard to be the news kids on the block," Glenn joked. 

"Why do you say we'll be overwhelmed?" I asked.

"Well..." Glenn started. "Let's just say that some of us have some pretty bold personalities." 

I looked at my brother and he shrugged. Neither of us knew what that meant, but I guess we'll find out soon enough. 

"We're almost there," Glenn informed us. 

I looked out the window. Glenn was driving pretty fast up the mountain so it was hard to see exactly where we were. But I could see the city back in the distance. I shuddered at the thought of the mob of walkers still limping in our tracks. 

Not far ahead, I could see that the road ended. There was a big lake on one side, accompanied by a lot of forestry. On the other side, there was a field that was occupied with tents, a cockpit, clothing lines, and other things I couldn't quite make out. 

I saw Glenn start to grin as he made eye contact with some of the people walking towards the road's end. 

The car speed slowed down before coming to a complete stop. Glenn nearly fell out of the car hopping out of the front seat as fast as he did to go greet his friends. I saw him hug and kiss a pretty young lady with short brown hair. Then he went and had a chat with a middle-aged man that had curly dark hair and some gray stubble. 

This man was wearing a sheriff's badge. I figured he was Rick, the leader. Rick patted Glenn on the back. 

All the while, watching Glenn reunite with his group, Logan and I just waited in the car. Neither of us said anything. I guess we were just waiting for our cue to come out. 

I watched as Glenn took a step back from the people and raised his voice enough so that we could hear what he was saying. 

"Down in the city, I came across some people that were in trouble. We got into a bit of a mess, but we made it. I told them to come back and join us," Glenn said. 

All of the people's eyes turned to look inside the car at Logan and I. Glenn waved at us. 

"Come and meet everyone guys," he said.

I guess that was the best cue we could ask for. I threw Logan a nervous glance before stepping out of the car.  

I took slow steps towards the people. Glenn had on a big smile, while the rest of them seemed suspicious. 

"Everyone," Glenn started. "This is Logan and Holly. They're brother and sister." 

The people looked back and forth from me to Logan, Logan to me.

"Hi," I said plainly.

"Hey there," Logan said with a small wave.

There was an odd silence. Then Rick stepped forward.

"Rick Grimes," he said, reaching out his hand. 

We took turns shaking it. 

"I know about you," I said without thinking. 

Rick gave a half smile. 

"You're very fortunate to have found my friend here," he said, gesturing towards Glenn. 

"Yes, we owe him our lives," Logan said genuinely. 

Rick chuckled.

"See, it's funny. I owe him mine too." He turned to give Glenn a grateful look. I smiled and figured we would hear about that story later. 

Rick turned back to face us. 

"Look, we'd love to have you here with us if you are willing to contribute to the group. But first I need to ask you some questions,"  he said. 

"Ask anything," I replied. 

"How many walkers have you killed?" 

I looked at Logan. I had no idea. 

"Lost count," Logan said, shrugging. 

"How many people have you killed?" Rick continued. 

"What, you mean like murder?" Logan asked, shocked. 

Rick didn't say anything. 

"None, sir," I responded. 

Rick turned around to look at the other people. He made eye contact with an old man with a long white beard. When the man gave a sly smile and nodded, Rick turned back to us and gave us an assuring smile. 







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