A Dark Secret

Dean is perfect. His smile and personality, it's perfect.
The school is boring, until a day when Rebekka find the dark secret to the school and the pupils. She can't be with Dean. Will she break the law and stay with him, and will he break the law to be with her?


4. Relax

The sun shined from my window, right in my eyes. It hurt, but then I remembered it was Saturday. I just turned my face to the wall, so I didn't have the light from the sun in my face. I could sleep more, or go and eat breakfast alone. I eated the breakfast alone every day, so it didn't hurt to sleep more.

After some minutes, I couldn't sleep anymore. I went down to the kitchen, and took a bread with cheese on. It was toast, finished when you buy it, but I like it cold. It's weird I like it that way, but it doesn't matter. You can eat it cold.

I sat down in the chair beside the window. It was 10 o'clock. It was some minutes by 10, but it is not that imoprtant.

I looked out the window. The sky was blue and had no cloud. Not a single one. The landscape was green with some trees and bushes. Green. It was some birds too, and the sun light came right in a pond nearby. It was beautiful. The country was not as bad as I thought it would be. I liked it, really.

I sat there, for many minutes, mabye for hours. Today I would stay at home, and relax. It was a hard night, so I decided to see a movie with some sweets (you can't see a movie without sweets). I had the pyjamas on, and I turned on 'The Hunger Games'. I've seen it before, but it is a good movie to see when you're bored.

At the end of the movie, I heard a knock on the door. I walked to the door, the movie still playing. I opened the door, and the girl in the club was there. "Hi," I said. "Why are you here?". "Eh, I'm here because I wanted to talk to you," she said and looked at me. I stared at her, and opened the door to let her in.

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