A Dark Secret

Dean is perfect. His smile and personality, it's perfect.
The school is boring, until a day when Rebekka find the dark secret to the school and the pupils. She can't be with Dean. Will she break the law and stay with him, and will he break the law to be with her?


3. My first night

His eyes looked normal, so I really don't know what he wanted to show me. "Eh, they look like your normal eyes," I said, and kind of laughed. It wasn't a laugh, but still more than a smile. He looked at me. "No, check the colour on them!" he said and nearly touched my face when he wanted to show them. I took a close look, and I saw the eyes were blue. "Wow, they're beautiful! But why do they call you Popeye, because of switching to blue eyes? It doesn't make sense," I said and took a closer looked, I nearly touched his face again.

Then he kissed me. His lips were so soft and delicious, I couldn't hold the feelings inside me, so I kissed back.

We kissed more and more, and no one in the club noticed. But I didn't care, I focused on the kiss. He continued to kiss me, and I kissed back. Then he kissed my neck, and I made a strange sound, but it didn't look like he noticed. He continued.

I've never kissed someone, before now. He pulled me against the wall, and took his hand around my waist. I held his shoulders, and we kissed more. He later took his hands at my face, and kissed harder and stronger. I kissed back, hard. He kissed again, and took his hand under my strap, and kissed me soflty again. I kissed harder, to make him continue, and he did. He kissed back, hard, and took the other hand under the other strap. He pushed into a door I even didn't know was there, and he pulled me in the wall again. I didn't care if it hurt, and he took one hand under my dress, and I let him.

We kissed one more time, before I took the dress on. "You're beautiful," he said and smiled at me. I laughed, and shook my head. "No, I'm not, but thanks anyway. And don't tell anyone what happend, please?" I said and looked at him, still laughing. He looked at me and smiled, but he didn't answer, so I guess he wouldn't say it to anyone. I smiled, like a thank you. I had the dress on, and I kissed Dean goodnight. He'd told me he lives in the club, so no one would ask why I was with him.

I walked out the door, and still it was full of people. I walked to the outdoor, when a hand touched my shoulder. I turned around, and I saw a girl. "Don't let him do this to you," she said, and walked away. What the hell was that?! I continued to walk, and I walked all the way home, alone.

I had a cat with company, but that's not much of a company. I talked about the strange girl, and the fact I kissed someone for the first time today, and had sex for the first time today. I think I just 'agreed' because I was drunk. I really don't like to admit it, but: it was fun, but it's my first day here, and I've already had sex. I sound like a hoe. A stupid hoe, because I let him do it.

Argh! I really hate myself, for doing this, but hopefully he won't tell anyone about it. I'm not telling it to anyone, but it's because I don't have friends here. Well, sure, when I'm home, my dad will ask how it was. I can't tell him what happend, so I used the time to make a lie.

When I was home, no one was there, and I just went to my bed. I lied down, and saw in the wall. Slowly, I felt asleep, and I dreamed about Dean.

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