O2l memory loss


1. waking up

I've been asleep for about 8 days it has it's positive sides but my nose is really itchy. I keep hearing voices some loud sone quiet and some crying and I have no idea why. I've tried to open my eyes but they are locked shut. As if my body is telling me to wait longer. It seems like years later when my eyes flick open, I'm met with a blinding light. As my eyes adjust I take a look around, there were lots of bleeping monitors and 3 teenaged boys sat in chairs at the end of the room. I look down to see a taned hand I wiggle my fingers to find out that Infact this is my hand. Funny I don't remember that. I look over and make eye contact with one of the boys who jumps out of the chair and calls out something and then vigorously shakes me shouting " your awake stay with us Isabella" this causes the other two boys to rush over " Isabella your okay omg I was also worried" and the other says " Isabella your awake" i flinch at there loud voices and say " what do you mean, who is Isabella and who are you, no who am I" I say. I watch as all 3 boys faces fall and the doctors rish them out of the room. There's lots of tests done and from what I understand I got hit by a car and have amnesia. I don't know who I am and my parents couldn't make it here. I finally get released and the boys take me to a house. Quite big with a beautiful front garden and rose bushes and pink tulips. This house is breath taking. "Wow who lives here" I say awestruck. " you do this is your house" the guy with black hair and tie dye Shirt says " no way" I cry getting out of the car and approaching the door the others follow as I try to find my house key, after finding it I put it in the lock and twist 3 times. The lock clicked and I open the door and walk in. My eyes grow massive my house is amazing. "Have a look upstairs we will check what you have in the fridge" the brown haired guy said . I didn't need a motive I kicked off my shoes and ran upstairs I swung open the master bedroom when I screamed. All 3 boys ran upstairs "are you okay your not dieing are you, funny remember the time I thought you were dieing" the blacked haired guy asked "amnesia, and get that pink out of here" my bedroom looked like it was puking pink I ran in and grabbed my handbag "we are going shopping boys" I said as I walked down stairs

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