The Wolves Land

Three wolves meet. It turns out, they are all power wolves, but they don't all exactly get along. What happens when two fight for the crown?


2. Chapter Two

The tan and black wolf rolled over in submission to the angry white wolf, fear fully in her, yet she still wanted to fight, anger boiling inside of her. Swiftness only laughed at the silver fae's attempt at scary.


"I thought you said fighting wouldn't solve anything? Why do you even care about two she-wolves you don't even know?" Swiftness snickered, somewhat taunting her to show she didn't fear her in the least. The white wolf nodded to the tan one, the turned to Swiftness, her orange eyes blazing like fire.


"If you're so smart, why haven't you even gotten out of this place?" She bit out, nearly spitting at Swiftness. "I've done it before." She said, not caring what Swiftness thought.


"I have too."


The white wolf scoffed, walking into her territory. The jumped onto a tall rock and howled to claim it as hers. The tan wolf rolls and gets up, growling slightly at Swiftness as she passed. Swiftness sighed


"I'm not really sorry, but I'll say it anyways. I'm sorry, I was trained as a fighter, so that's my first instict when attacked." She said, they didn't know the whole story.


"Sure..." The tan wolf said, snarling a slight warning. The white wolf nods, then turns her back to the two fighting wolves. "By the way I'm Swiftness." Swiftness said nodding, though it was more directed at the white wolf.


"I'm Ally." The white one responded shortly, glaring back at Swiftness.




Swiftness rolled her eyes, springing lightly down. They were obviously thinking they could scare her. She decided to humor them. She lowered her ears and tail, trembling, but couldn't quite keep the smirk off her muzzle, the faintest trace drawing the corners of her mouth upwards.


Ria, who recognized that look, attacks again under spite. Ally lays down, ignoring them in exasperation. Swiftness rolled out of the way and bit her tongue so she didn't start laughing at Ria's weak attempt, then looked at Ally.


"Hey, i didn't do anything." Swiftness protested, and Ria attacked again, grabbing swiftness by the throat. Ally growled, then sighed, giving up on them. Ria pushed Swiftness down, growling deeply, but Ally soon got mad.


"Get off!" She yowled, tackling Ria off and freeing Swiftness. "Just ignore her." She barked, then curled up to fall asleep. Ria lowers her head and whimpers, tucking her tail between her legs. Ally only opened her eyes once in awhile to make sure there was no blood.


Swiftness laughed, jumping into a tree. She always loved trees, which was unusual for a wolf, then again she was an unusual wolf. More so than anyone knew. Licking her nose, she lay her tail across her muzzle in a high branch and lowered her belly to the cool bark.


Ally giggled, thinking of climbing a tree. Swiftness mistook it for that she was laughing at her for liking trees.


"Yeah, i'm a wolf who likes to climb trees, get over it." She muttered half-angrily, having been teased many times because of it.


"No no, I think it's cool!" Ally replied. "I have always wanted to climb a tree." She said, looking at it. Swiftness was somewhat shocked.


"Really?" She asked cautiously, expecting this to be some mean trick.


"Yes, could you maybe teach me?" Ally asked shyly. Swiftness paused, unsure. "I don't know..." She said hesitantly, still not trusting Ally. "Fine." She finally said, jumping down. 


"First you need to be a really strong jumper. You just jump for the lowest branch and," Swiftness jumped up, hooking in her claws, then swinging her leg over. "Do that. Or you can just jump all the way up if you can. To climb a tree, the same things basically apply."


Ally nodded, and jumped on a branch, scrambling to get up slightly. Ria growls low, still focused on swiftness. Ally and Swiftness rolled their eyes, and Swiftness laughed, jumping out of the tree and smirking. 


Ally stayed in the tree, and Swiftness shook her head.


"What's with you and that tree?" Swiftness questioned curiously, and Ally just shrugged. 


"I don't know."


"Leave her alone swiftness!" Ria snapped, snarling.


"She's being nice, she taught me how to climb a tree." Ally defended the greatly annoyed female.


"Yeah right, that mutt can't do anything!" Ria growled angrily, snarling and growling at Swiftness.


"If she's on the tree she can climb it. That's something she can do. I've also seen her hunt." Ally said, trying to stick up for Swiftness.


"Can she do this?" Ria snarls as she runs up the tree, throwing ally down.


"You know something, fighting does solve something!" She jumped back on the tree and threw ria down by the throat. "I don't want to fight but you gave me no choice." She growled. Ria snarled and stood her ground, baring her fangs.


"Why can't i be friends with swiftness? It's MY desicion!." She growled, while looking on the ground.


"I just don't trust her!" Ria growled as she jumped up and bit ally's paw. Ally yowled in pain.


"Do you want me to be friends with you?! Because you're not going to be friends with me if you hurt me!" She snarled savagely. Ria growls deeply again and throws ally down, pinning her by the neck


"Ria please... can't... breath... I won't... be friends with.... swiftness!" She gasped, struggling for a breath. Ria releases ally but stands over her, growling. Ally gasps in air, feeling lightheaded


"I promise, i won't trust swiftness." She said seriously, scrambling to her paws.


"You better not, or it's death." Ria snarls, moving away to let ally up, her chest still viberating with deep growls. Ally nodded and jumped on a tree, falling into an uneasy sleep. Ria howled powerfully, the lies down.


Ally ate, then went back to sleep, feeling ria's eyes on her, watching her every move. Niether of them goes to sleep until it was night, then they closed their eyes, watching each other in their sleep



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