The Wolves Land

Three wolves meet. It turns out, they are all power wolves, but they don't all exactly get along. What happens when two fight for the crown?


3. Chapter Three


Ria wakes up and sits up the next day. Ally wakes up on a branch, and falls down, startled. Ria looks behind her as ally falls, and she chuckled a little. Ally merely shook out her fur, then jumped back into the tree.



"What are you, part cat?" Ria said as she laughed. Ally shrugged and lay on a branch, laughing.




"Seems like it, or maybe you're a power wolf like me." Laughed ria, showing her hidden wings.


"Actually i am a power wolf." Ally said, showing her wings too. Ria seemed surprised.


"What are your elements? I'm a mix of dark and light." Ria said. 


"Well i'm a dark and light too, but i don't know which i have more of." Ally answered, shaking out her fur. Swiftness jumped out of her tree.


"Good morning ally." She said, ignoring ria. "Hey." Ally said, but didn't look at swiftness. Ria snarls at swiftness.


"Worthless mutt." She growled under her breath. Swiftness clicked her teeth, trying to stay calm and failing. Ria runs up the tree ally is in and sits next to her.


Ria spread her wings out, steadying them. "What are you doing?" Ally asked, doing the same.


"Setting, it helps keep your flying steady and easy," She growled. "Plus it helps keep evel away." Ally nodded, looking at her wings. Ria looks at swiftness and bares her fangs, jumping down in front of her.


Ally hides her face in her paws, fighting back tears. Ria looks at ally. "Come down here... what's wrong?" She asked.


Ally jumped down and walked up to her. "My mother died in my fight, trying to kill my dad." She said, swiping her eyes.


"Oh, so it's me and swiftness fighting reminding you of your mother's death." She sighed, still baring her fangs at swiftness. Ally nodded.


"I mean, i'm not telling you that you can't fight, just don't kill each other please." She said.


"Ria nods the whispers to ally. "Since we are winged wolves and power wolves, we can talk to dead wolves, so why don't you howl to the wolf star and think to yourself the wolf you want to talk to, and you will be talking to him or her." She barked.


Ally nodded. "Thank you." She whispered. Ria nods. "No problem." She said, then ally howled, her white fur shining as she stood. Ria howled with her. 


Swiftness leapt out of her tree and decided to go hunting. She found a caribou and brought it back, offering some to ally, and reluctantly, ria. Ally nodded and took it greatfully.


Ria walked to ally and growls deeply. "Make sure it's not poisened." She whispered. Swiftness rolled her eyes.


"If i wanted to kill you, i would have by now." She said, pinning her ears back to show she was unafraid of her growl. Ally pushed it away and went into the woods to catch something herself.


Swiftness growled. "Fine then." She muttered, pulling it closer, eating most of it. She wondered why ally suddenly changed her mind about being nice. Ally came back with a squirrel and ate it all.


Swiftness glaced over and saw she had only caught a squirrel. She brought what was left of the caribou over to her. "You can have it, and it's clearly not poisened, because i'm talking to you right now." She said, dropping it by ally. Ally nodded and ate it


Swiftness nodded and smiled slightly, laying down and looking down the hill. She sighed, shrugging. She pinned her ears back and rolled over.


"Get up, your making a fool of yourself." Ally growled, looking at her. Swiftness got up and shook off.


"No, i'm keeping cool." Swiftness retorted, squinting at the sun. She had to keep calm for their sake, but they were making it very hard



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