The Wolves Land

Three wolves meet. It turns out, they are all power wolves, but they don't all exactly get along. What happens when two fight for the crown?


1. Chapter One: New Wolves

A jet black wolf with the name of Swiftness trotted through the field, metallic golden eyes searching the fence surrounding the land. She hated it being there, trapping its inhabitants inside it. She sat quietly, listening to the birds chirping until a howl shatters the peaceful silence. With a snarl and baring her teeth at the invisible, he swiftly runs through the tall grass, searching for the owner of the howl. 

She heard a returning growl and barked gruffly, looking over the tall grass. She saw a tan and black wolf standing there, and her hackles raised in warning, her ears pinning back. "Friend or foe." She growled, melodic voice low and deep.

"Depends." The wolf responds, baring it's fangs and standing it's ground. A pale-coated she-wolf next to her growled slightly as well, though only half-heartedly. "I could say the same thing." Swiftness snapped back at the multi-colored one.


"I don't want to fight." The silver one said softly, backing away, but still growling. Swiftness and the other wolf knew that wolf wasn't a threat. Swiftness however lowered her head and ears, razor fangs showing fiercely.


The fae with a pelt of light and dark saw Swiftness's warning and lunged at her out of anger. Swiftness quickly and easily dodged the attack, displaying the origin of her name with one, swift move towards the other girl. She put a paw on the fea's chest, leaning her full weight on her and pinning the wolf.


"Fighting doesn't help! Just go your separate ways!" The peaceful white and silver wolf said, looking between them. The tan wolf growled darkly and pushed Swiftness off, standing over her and growling.


She looked ready to attack the obsidian vix when the white wolf pushed her off of Swiftness. "I said stop!" She growled firmly, standing in between the two fighting demonesses. Swiftness snapped her jaws shut with a click, bouncing to her paws and glaring at the wolf who had dared attack her.


"Well I didn't start it." The ebony-pelted female hissed angrily, flicking her tail and looking unregretted for her actions..


"Well, you're going to start a fight soon if you keep acting like that." The white wolf said, trying her best to act tough. The tan wolf lowers her head and growls in irritation, but whimpers slightly.


"Don't care, it's my right to defend myself when attacked." Swiftness barked, knowing she would have won in a fight anyways. "I didn't start it, so I'm not sorry, but the next wolf who attacks me for no reason will be." She barked, looking pointedly at the tan wolf.


"That's it!" The tan wolf growls, jumping over the white wolf and attacking Swiftness once again, pinning her down by the neck. Swiftness snarled, her eyes blazing in fury as she kicked the unnamed off, slamming her into a tree and jumping on to the first branch of the tree with a warning snarl.


The tan wolf yelps, the snarls, her fur blazing up in rage. Sh jumped up and tried to grab Swiftness to pull her down, but Swiftness dug her claws in, hanging half over the edge. Swiftness bit her paw, dangling her before dropping her to earth.


"You two are acting childish!" The white wolf spat. "That's enough, if i see you two fight again, I will rip your pelts off!" She snarled, scary enough to scare any animal.


Except swiftness



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