The Story of Tressa Wolff, Spirit of Creation

There are thousands of Undiscovered spirits. Not "dead" spirits, but ones of things to be believed in. This is the story, though, of only one. Tressa Wolff. This is the story of the spirit of creation.


1. Prolouge

Jack's POV

North called us to the Pole for some reason, and when I walk in, I see the rest of the Guardians standing, looking at MiM. Is he... Great, another one.

"Man in Moon, who you pick, huh?" North asks in his Russian accent. The light shines down, and I see the head of a girl. She is wearing a dark colored blindfold over her eyes and hair.

"Who is that?" I ask. They shrug. All except Tooth.

"That is one of the Undiscovered."


"There are thousands of Undiscovered spirits. She," Tooth points at the girl, "is only one of them. She is also an old friend."

"What's her name?"

"Tressa Wolff." I raise a snowy eyebrow. "She is one of the few that remember their past. She doesn't talk about it, but she does know."

"Well, are we gonna just sit around, or are ya gonna show us where she is?" Kangaroo-I mean Bunnymund- asks.

"I guess. Today is the 21st of June, so I think I know exactly where she is."


"Serenity, California."

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