Beginners' Guide To Speaking Katan - Contact

THIS IS THE LANGUAGE USED IN THE BOOK, 'CONTACT'. In contact when Cara ends up in the afterlife. Although it doesn't seam that way, everyone speaks a new language: Katan. In this book, you will learn how to speak it as well. So here is our beginners' guide...


2. The alphabet

In the language of Katan the whole alphabet is sounded out differently. It is sounded out a tiny bit like the police alphabet but with different words. This is how the Katan alphabet is sounded:

A-  Alpha

B- Blue-roan

C- Chaol

D- Daring

E- Echo

F- Fireflies

G- Golf

H- Horcrux

I- Indigo

J- Jaegers 

K- Kaiju 

L- Luce

M- Maxon

N- Newt

O- Opal

P- Prue

Q- Quidditch 

R- Rope

S- Soap

T- T-Rex

U- Union

V- Valley

W- Whiskey

X- X-ray

Y- Yankee

Z- Zulu

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