Beginners' Guide To Speaking Katan - Contact

THIS IS THE LANGUAGE USED IN THE BOOK, 'CONTACT'. In contact when Cara ends up in the afterlife. Although it doesn't seam that way, everyone speaks a new language: Katan. In this book, you will learn how to speak it as well. So here is our beginners' guide...


4. Numbers to 100

After you know up to twenty all you need to know is the tens and you can count to 100. For example if you know that 20 is vingt and that 1 is un then you can work out that 21 would be vingt-un. So as long as you know the numbers up to 20 and the tens you can count to 100. Here are the tens:

10- ten

20- vingt

30- treinta

40- forty

50- cinquante

60- sesenta

70- seventy

80- quatre-vingts

90- noventa

100- cent

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