Beginners' Guide To Speaking Katan - Contact

THIS IS THE LANGUAGE USED IN THE BOOK, 'CONTACT'. In contact when Cara ends up in the afterlife. Although it doesn't seam that way, everyone speaks a new language: Katan. In this book, you will learn how to speak it as well. So here is our beginners' guide...


3. Numbers- 1 to 20

The numbers in the language of Katan are quite easy to remember. Katan takes their numbers 1-20 from the languages of: Spanish, French, German and English. Like this:

1- un

2- deux

3- trois

4- cuatro

5- cinco

6- seis

7- sieben

8- acht

9- neun

10- ten

11- eleven

12- twelve

13- treize 

14- quatorze

15- quinze


17- diecisiete

18- dieciocho

19- dix-neuf

20- vingt

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