Forever more

**Cautions, I originally wrote this agess ago in second person, but I changed it to first person.**
It's about a girl, Kara, who is immortal. She struggles to survive, and when she thinks she had stepped into a dream of her own- it was just a simple parallel universe, Adrian, is simply her lover and guardian- but she doesn't know it. She finds another Adrian- who apparently appears to be the same Adrian, and comes along with excitingly dangerous tasks along the way back to the actual universe she was currently supposed to be in.


4. "What did you expect, happy families?"

I stared blankly into the orange fire. Every time Adrian had chucked a wooden log in their, the fire would crave for more. The tension in the air was... murky. I couldn't really get my head around of what we had been talking about. 

Magic necklaces

I shook my head numerous times, trying to get out that crazy thought of my head. Yes, I did do magic. But not the ritual kinds. But why my necklace? I kept on feeling my chest of where my silver heart would rest against- and feel completely guilty of letting it get out of reach. Adrian decided to sit right next to me, and we talked and talked for hours about life and other pointless things. 

      'I uh... I have got to tell you something,' Adrian stammered. His voice was so deep, no matter what he had said- he had always instantly hooked me in. He knew that the fact I was weak when it came to romance. He knew that the fact, when I didn't know him- I liked him a little. But in my dream- it had felt more like a nightmare. I didn't say anything to his explanations of strange events that had happened here. I didn't know what to say. 

   'You're not exactly in... your dream anymore...' Adrian started bluntly. He ruffled at his reddish brown hair, and stared to the crispy leafy ground. I blinked at him, trying to figure out of what he had been trying to say to me. 

   'What?' I asked briefly, wrapping my arms around my chest again. But when I had asked that question, for some reason I regretted it instantly. Adrian placed his, icy cold palm onto my warm face and caressed it slowly. 

    'You're in a parallel universe,' 

I backed away from his hand, and raised my eyebrow at him awkwardly. 

   'You're hallucinating, aren't you?' I teased him, hoping he had been trying to fool me. But when he had said I was in danger... he wasn't joking. And it didn't look like Adrian was joking either. His facial expression turned into something solid and stern. The way he looked at me made my hairs crawl up of my spine- top to bottom. I scoffed awkwardly, feeling like a complete idiot. 

    'A parallel universe, is sort of like a dream. But you can't escape it unless you find some source... it's not easy to find. But I already know where to get it, I'm not the Adrian you know. I'm the complete opposite in most ways. Besides the whole protection thing,' Adrian finished explaining. It had taken me a while to get my head around. I couldn't really figure out of what he had been trying to say to me. And to be truthful, if you were in my situation. You wouldn't know how to figure that out either. 

   'What'll happen when I do find the source?' I found myself asking. I was shaking all over, and I didn't realize I was nervous until I felt my body temperature rise up even more. Adrian stared ahead of him into thin air. 

     'You'll wake up back in your bed, and you will think this was just a dream. No, It's your universe you had created. Your parents probably think you're unconscious by now. The other Adrian had probably found out that... that some one had trapped you here.' He yelled at me. I blinked back up in alarm, feeling the stern discipline from his voice consume me with fear. 

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