Forever more

**Cautions, I originally wrote this agess ago in second person, but I changed it to first person.**
It's about a girl, Kara, who is immortal. She struggles to survive, and when she thinks she had stepped into a dream of her own- it was just a simple parallel universe, Adrian, is simply her lover and guardian- but she doesn't know it. She finds another Adrian- who apparently appears to be the same Adrian, and comes along with excitingly dangerous tasks along the way back to the actual universe she was currently supposed to be in.


3. scary stories

The walk through the forest was silent, deadly. The only noise that was in existence was the crows quaking and screeching. It was my first proper time in this forest, and people called it ‘Crow king woods,’ I hadn’t seen any king. Just annoying, black crows with orange beaks that was sharp as a blade. There were a few conversations between me and Adrian, but it was only whenever they needed something. Like the simple questions, ‘can you pass me that?’ or ‘Can you do this,’ it was completely awkward.

      It was nearing the evening when Adrian suggested camping for the night, and head out early. I thought that was a good idea, but of course, twe had to work together. Collecting fire wood, and logs, logs to sit on when after hunting, and frying the food- and we hadn’t had any source of warmth for sleeping, so we had to sleep on the ground. I didn’t complain about the amount of leaves I got into my hair. I had worse.

After the camp was set up, Adrian took a deep sigh of relief, and crouched down to sit on a tree log. I sat on the ground near the fire, without moaning.

      Adrian looked down, with his hands clutched together, and tilted his head side wards in my angle.

      ‘What happened?’ He asked plainly. I raised her eyebrows at him, as if I had no clue of what he was talking about. Adrian sighed. ‘You know, how you lost… your friends,’

My attention was immediately caught. It was surprising how he asked that question too soon, but it was the only topic of conversation he could probably think of.  I looked down, forcing back the tears that were forming in my eyes, and wrapped my arms around my stomach, bringing my knees up to her chest.

      ‘Do you really want to hear?’ She asked quietly. I hadn’t really spoken to Adrian at all for the past seven hours. Adrian nodded slowly, staring back at the orange fire again. I kept her eyes on Adrian.

      ‘It was over two weeks ago when I lost Caroline,’ I started whilst Adrian turned to face me. I closed my eyes tight shut, remembering the exact vision on that very day and hour.

      ‘I was arguing with Caroline, and she went off in a different direction. And she hadn’t come back to the camp that me and Stephen set up, it was a dark, haunting night. I think it was normal for this forest, I don’t know.  But anyway, to the point. We heard screaming, but we thought Caroline could do well on her own- Stephen’s words were “Give her time, she’ll come back.” She never did, so much for promising me. I felt like I killed her. I decided to go look for her, and Stephen tagged along.’ I opened my eyes, looking at Adrian. His eyes were wide, mouth slightly open, as if it was slightly loose. And there were tears in his eyes, and they hadn’t trickled down.

      I closed my eyes again, remembering the vision. ‘She was in a center of an open field. By the time we got there, her body was on the floor, lying stiff still. There had been a few small flocks of crows around her body, picking at her with their beaks. It was disturbing.’ I could see in my head looking at the creamy pale, body lying on the cold muddy ground. Caroline’s mousy blonde wavy hair was covering most of her face. Her clothes were clawed and ripped apart. I shook my head violently, trying to get rid of that horrid image in my mind. 

      ‘Help!’ A familiar voice screamed. I looked up into the black, cloudy sky, and immediately shot up hearing a crows caw. Adrian reflected my move.

      ‘Help!’ The voice was coming clearer, it was a female voice- and she could faintly hear the echoing in the order. It was… Caroline’s voice. It was a high-pitch, cute, and charming to all men. I ran off to the left, thinking that was where the voice came from- and Adrian followed on two seconds behind me.  I stumbled over some twigs and skinny, sharp-like branches whacked me as I forced my way into Caroline’s destination. As I came on to a vine wall, I shoved right through them, tripping over a small cobblestone stump with a pointy tip at the top.  I landed face down on the ground. A few seconds later, I slowly lifted my head upwards, hoping to see Caroline right in front of me, but there had been a flock of birds. Not Crows. I hasn’t even come across these sorts of birds.

      I realized, as I saw their beaks open slightly, Caroline’s voice was projecting out of them. I stumbled backwards, whilst I was trying to get back up again, the electric blue birds, flew straight for me. One of the bird’s beak, had sliced through my necklace, but the ice heart still remained on their. They looked like magpies, but they just… weren't. The bird with my necklace flew of quickly. Adrian came to me quickly, grabbing me by the arms, pulling me back to camp. I didn’t realize I was screaming until the bird took my necklace. Or I didn't even remember the cut just above my elbow. It was fresh, dripping down with blood.  Adrian was struggling to carry me back to safety. I was gasping, breathing heavily for fresh air. Although the air I could taste, felt more like warm blood.  

      ‘They were holograms, only that bird that took your necklace, was real. I recognized that a few pixels of the edge of its wing were glitching.’ He explained briefly, breathing heavily this time. I glanced at him. Why would they want my necklace?

      ‘Why did-’

      ‘They get your necklace? Long story short, it’s magic.’ Adrian finished for me. 

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