Forever more

**Cautions, I originally wrote this agess ago in second person, but I changed it to first person.**
It's about a girl, Kara, who is immortal. She struggles to survive, and when she thinks she had stepped into a dream of her own- it was just a simple parallel universe, Adrian, is simply her lover and guardian- but she doesn't know it. She finds another Adrian- who apparently appears to be the same Adrian, and comes along with excitingly dangerous tasks along the way back to the actual universe she was currently supposed to be in.


9. Saving lives starts now

I completely ignored that the fact Adrian had been sprawled across painfully on the floor along with other dead bodies and headed straight back inside to help save a little girl. Robert came running out of the hallway around the corner as I just headed in. He looked up in horror. 

As if he had no idea what was going on. 

          'She... She's still alive...' Robert managed to say at once, I relaxed back calmly and ran straight past him to see her. 

She was sat peacefully on top of the brown oak desk, feeling each corner with her tiny palms smoothly. She looked up in alarm at me, revealing her jewel colored blue eyes. She had dark red hair that flowed steadily just underneath her shoulder line. Her lips were bright red, making her skin tone look pale. She wore a filthy farmers dress outfit along with a cardigan on top. 

Her waist was bandaged up. 

But somehow I found myself smiling of the fact she had been saved, but some parts of me mourned for her.  

        'You're the girl that saved me, aren't you?' She asked with a high-pitched voice. 

Some how she reminded me of Caroline. I nodded slowly and gulped down a lump of air. For some reason it was hard to swallow down. The girl smiled wider than usual and jumped of the top of the desk in delight, and she ran towards me with her arms  slowly opening for a hug. 

I accepted the hug, and smiled again. 

          'My name is Cassie,' She looked up at me, showing her white baby teeth.

           'I'm Kara,' I greeted back friendly. 

I looked back towards the door, which had been forced open- and Adrian came out. 

      'That... son of a bitch!' Adrian screamed, whacking the wall violently, so hard that it made a dent in the wall.  Cassie squeezed on to my leg more in terror. I placed a hand on her shoulder, as a gesture that he was safe. Adrian spun round to see me, with his jaw tense, and his lip cut in the center. Adrian's lip throbbed awkwardly as he wiped the blood that was trickling down his chin on to his arm.  

        'You know, why are we even having this damn war? You're immortal Kara, you can't be killed.' Adrian stated. My heart sank as my thoughts were that he was blaming me for this mess. I told Cassie to go to Robert and that he'll take care of her. 

Truthfully, I wish I hadn't of done that. 

Now that it was even more uncomfortable. 

       'Everything has to die eventually,' I replied. Adrian walked up to me, one of those slow, intimidating cunning walks. I backed up towards the desk, resting my palms against them nervously. 

      'People died. Everyone died, besides her and Robert. They have no where to go. You being here is just a mistake,' Adrian scoffed in a harsh tone. 

I gulped again slowly, but this time was much harder. 

     'Adrian... please... can we focus on us getting home?' I protested this conversation from happening. Adrian gripped my waist and pulled me inwards. I had a sudden rush of butterflies consume my body, and I thought it wasn't going to end well.  Adrian smirked at me.

     'I'm the real Adrian. You should've figured that out by now.' He started, pulling me more closer to him. 'I loved you, way before you were immortal. Some parts of me are telling me that you're evil.' 

Then my heart sank. 


      'I'm... I'm not evil Adrian-'

     'Don't feed me crap Kara. You killed you're allies. You didn't save them. You left me just to save some one you didn't know. You didn't even bother looking at me when Aaragon got you hooked into him.' Adrian shouted, releasing me with all his force. I stumbled towards the ground, coughing violently. I found myself shaking in defeat. My eye vision was becoming blurry. I placed my hand onto my heart, making sure that it still worked. But it didn't feel right. 

My heart hadn't been working. 

But I was immortal... How was that possible?

        'Adrian- please, I wouldn't dare to look at how much pain you were in... I wouldn't forgive myself...' I managed to choke out of me. I pursed my lips, pulling myself up together of the ground. I didn't know what came over me, but I rushed towards him, and crashed my lips up on his as if I surrendered. Adrian didn't back up, instead, he secured himself tightly on to me- he was reaching for my top, and I found myself reflecting that back on to him. He pushed me on to the wall, making the space around me so small that I couldn't escape. I raked my fingers down his hair as our tongues collided and danced as if it was this time to go serious. I gripped onto his back as he reached for my bra, and a sudden sensation of awkwardness came over me. 

Shit. We were going to do it. 

I completely avoided my bad thoughts about this scenario, and let Adrian do the leading. I couldn't really figure out what was going on. 

We were fighting. 

Now we were not. 

Funny how things keep coming out. 


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