Forever more

**Cautions, I originally wrote this agess ago in second person, but I changed it to first person.**
It's about a girl, Kara, who is immortal. She struggles to survive, and when she thinks she had stepped into a dream of her own- it was just a simple parallel universe, Adrian, is simply her lover and guardian- but she doesn't know it. She finds another Adrian- who apparently appears to be the same Adrian, and comes along with excitingly dangerous tasks along the way back to the actual universe she was currently supposed to be in.


5. Parallel Universe

It was nearing morning, and myself and Adrian couldn't sleep in these haunted woods. Hell, I'd be surprised who could even sleep in these woods. We sat up talking all night about pointless things- and what we would do with our futures if we had the power to. 

     'You know,' Adrian started, prodding the fire ashes with a wooden stick and threw it in the pile. 

     'You really are something, you know that, right?' 

No. I didn't. I shook my head in response, glancing back up at the faded blue sky. Adrian followed with his golden brown eyes in her direction, and clasped his hands together tightly. 

   'How do we... I get out of this universe?' I found myself asking, I didn't really know whether it was a good time to ask him that. Because by the looks of his face, it seemed hopeless and doubtful. I scanned my eyes over towards him, removing my gaze up on the sky. (It was a habit she always did, when she felt uncomfortable in situations.) I gulped slowly, realizing Adrian's eyes flashed with hatred and frustration. 

    'It involves sacrifices, and your necklace.' Adrian answered bluntly. I found myself blinking in alarm, he meant rituals. I grimaced at that thought, killing people just so one can return to another universe. Adrian chuckled nervously.  

    'It's not what you're thinking. I mean- for example, the crows- are just minions for this king. And there are more demons out there, not just crows. They're just rookie level,' He explained in half of the detail. I nodded- as if I understood completely. I didn't. I knew that this could have been just an ordinary nightmare- but some how my necklace had something to do with trapping me in here. Trapped in a nightmare.

    'Look, if you want to get out of this universe, you'd need me as your guide- hence why... I came,' Adrian finished, shrugging his shoulders. I stared deeply into his golden brown eyes. I couldn't help but find him irresistibly intriguing.  I somehow found myself slowly relaxing back a little, and Adrian moved a little closer towards me. I opened my mouth to say something to protest, but I had been a little too late as my mouth was attached to his. I pulled myself inwards for the kiss, he helped by pulling me closer by my waist with his broad, muscular hands. My eyes closed helplessly, and his mouth was damp and tender. I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly securing myself to him. I gasped onto his mouth, and we opened for our tongues to slid in smoothly. My tongue danced helplessly along with his- it made me forget why I was here in the first place.  Adrian's hands searched curiously around my body, the parts of where I never expected anyone to feel. I moaned in his mouth, and he pulled backwards to breathe. His face looked completely flushed with excitement and pleasure. I had butterflies in my stomach and they had been building up every second, my body felt confused and defeated. His kiss frightened me. There was too much tension, I found it too strong to handle as his lips crushed mine, as if he thought that this would have been the last time he would ever do that. But it wouldn't be the last time. I found myself craving more of his kiss. 

     'Let's get going,' He suggested, trying to make a conversation. I licked my lips, trying to save the taste of my first kiss. I nodded, and we headed of to the nearest village. 


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