Forever more

**Cautions, I originally wrote this agess ago in second person, but I changed it to first person.**
It's about a girl, Kara, who is immortal. She struggles to survive, and when she thinks she had stepped into a dream of her own- it was just a simple parallel universe, Adrian, is simply her lover and guardian- but she doesn't know it. She finds another Adrian- who apparently appears to be the same Adrian, and comes along with excitingly dangerous tasks along the way back to the actual universe she was currently supposed to be in.


7. "Gathering hope"


The mayor's office wasn't expected to look old, and poor like the rest of the shacks. There was a single dark wooden desk to match the flooring, and a collection of books stacked awkwardly on  the bookshelves. There was a single glass cabinet containing trophies of winnings of the best community events. It was a dull, boring square room. 

          'The necklace- where is it?' The mayor glanced onto my chest. I stared at him blankly in surprise and looked down from where it used to lay. 

     'The Crows took it,' I explained briefly. The mayor's facial expression turned into something more relaxing... but he still seemed concerned. He rested his palm on the tip of the wooden chair, and sighed. I couldn't really figure out what sort of sigh it had been- but he didn't sound the slightest of all impressed. 

   'My name is Robert Collins. As you know, mayor of Ukerea.' Robert, the mayor started by introducing himself. I didn't say anything to him.  I stood only a few inches away beside Adrian, and he wasn't even looking at any of us. 'Basically, I know that you're trying to escape this parallel universe. There's only one way. That involves a sacrifice, and your necklace, which so the crows took.' He finished, glancing awkwardly at myself and Adrian. 

    'So, do you know anything about the...Crows- or their habitat?' I found myself asking- I was intrigued somehow. Robert smiled faintly at me, as if he did know something about the crows that would be important to us. Robert's palm slid of the chair instantly, and paced around the room slowly. 

    'The crows only obey one person. Aaragon, No one knows why, no one's really bothered. But- everyone is frightened of him,' Robert clenched both of his fists tight together, and gritted his teeth at the same time. I blinked at him in surprise again. 

     'He's a seven headed monster when he's in his true form.'  He bitterly finished. I realized he was shaking nervously.  I gulped slowly and gazed towards Adrian. His facial expression was unreadable. His arms were folded anxiously, and he was looking up at Robert. 

Then the silence changed. 

The outside erupted with frightful screams and explosions. I snapped my head towards the door's direction, and darted outside to see what had gone on.  


And a person.  

The crows were picking violently at the villagers, dead bodies were sprawled across the floor lifeless. My facial expression was mortified. I didn't know what to think of this disturbing torture scene. A person was controlling the crows to attack innocent people and belongings. The market had been completely destroyed, I ran towards the nearest citizen that had been sprawled across the floor, but was still half alive. She was only around five years old. 

     'Please- I don't want to die,' She said, with her voice sounding shaken. I cradled her up in my arms, and raced back inside the mayor's office. Adrian spun round, looking shocked at the sight of the almost dead body. Robert's eyes widened with fear and hatred, and swept everything of his desk with his arm to make room for the child's body. I laid her on there, and rubbed my sweaty palms on my sides. 

     'Crows. Some ones controlling them, I'm going back out.' I explained briefly, Adrian followed on after me as much as possible. 

Then there was silence. No one to be found besides the bodies on the floor. Flies were already swarming over them. Adrian stood aside me, looking at a figures shadow in the distance. It was a persons figure, slim, but muscular. He revealed himself slowly and intimidatingly. 

He wore a black suit, and he had red chopped up messy hair. He was pale, almost as pale as Adrian. But they looked exactly alike. 

     'Hello brother. Why are you with the prisoner?' The man snickered. His voice was just as deep as Adrian's was. But his voice was more charming, and mind-controlling. 

      'Aaragon,' Adrian greeted bitterly, sounding shaken. 


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