His kids

Brittany Marie Horan is Niall James horan's sister and has gotten in lots of stuff butt this is wild she fiends out she's preagent Bfore she can tell louis he leaves her with out knowing about the twins.


15. the hospital

Brittany's pov

This is it I'm sorry I'm ending my life I'm through.

Tommy's pov a/n he's 15 now so is Taylor louis has seen them on weekends

Shit uncle Niall mums bleeding Brittany Tommy get your sister she has to go to the hospital Taylor come on Tommy call your dad.

Cov with louis


T-dad come to the hospital mum tried to kill herself.

L- what I'm coming stay by her I love you bye.

Cov over

Louis pov

Where's Brittany Horan's room room 109 thanks ok here's her room louis daddy Tay Niall where's Tommy by mum he said you told him to stay by her ok hey Tommy dad they said she's fine if I hadn't saw her she would have died your a good boy Tommy dad mum has a new boyfriend Luke from 5sos ya Were going on tour with 5sos dad she tried to end it all I didn't tell uncle Niall about this but this note was in her hand it's four me Taylor and you take it me and Tay have read it

Dear Lou Tay and Tommy I love you all so much and the boys and girls I've learned Luke cheated on me I can't handle it any more louis I have loved you since the day I first saw you and I love you with all my heart Louis William Tomlinson and Tay and Tommy if I do live well please forgive me.

Love mum/b.

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