His kids

Brittany Marie Horan is Niall James horan's sister and has gotten in lots of stuff butt this is wild she fiends out she's preagent Bfore she can tell louis he leaves her with out knowing about the twins.


7. the club (warning sexual content)

Louis pov

So tommo what do

You won't to do. You tommo don't be nasty fine we can do something we can go to a club with the lads and the girls ok

Cov with Harry

H:Harry l:Louis

L:hey hazza can you and Haley come to a club with me and Brittany

H:ya let me tell Haley whin do you won't to go and are the lads going

L:yes they are can you call them an 7:00 and all you people be at my flat then oh and Brittany wants to call Niall

H:ok I'll call them and I'll tell them what time and stuff and I will not call Niall


H:any time tommo

Cov over

1hr later

Brittany hurry up where waiting shut up hazza ha she told you you to ni ni man she just ruined da fun awwwwww done oh wow Brittany you look hot awwww thanks Lou Let's go now before you start havering sex on the carpet shut up Niall come on Lou just kidding

20 min later

Where here yay

After a few drinks Brittany I scream as I look for my love she's dancing wow she can't dance ether can she hahaha I walk over to her and say Brittany yes let's go some home ok Lou Nikki drove are drunk Horney asses home as soon as she left I pined Brittany to the wall and kiss her she wraps her legs around my wast we are half naked by the time we get to the bedroom wow some ones Horney I smash my lips to hers as soon as a asked for entrance she grants our tungs fraught but mine won I pulled her braw off and then I pull her panties off and shit is she wet I start to lick her clit and she moaned i put one of my long fingers in her Pusey and add two more going in and out fast. Louis I need you in me I pulled my fingers out and lick them clean Louis she wines please I take my boxers off and put a condum on put my erection at her Entrance ready Brittany nods I shove my erection in her and start to pump in and out real fast Louis she moans. Whin she moans my name it sounds so sexey harder she manages to get out I start to go faster and harder she screams my name Lou I'm close me to hold on a few mins later we both come I roll down beside her and through the condum away and say goodnight love goodnight tommo.

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