His kids

Brittany Marie Horan is Niall James horan's sister and has gotten in lots of stuff butt this is wild she fiends out she's preagent Bfore she can tell louis he leaves her with out knowing about the twins.


1. my name is Brittany Horan

My name is Brittany Marie Horan and my twin bother is Niall Horan and we are both 23 years old and I have 2 kids Tommy Michel Tomlinson and Taylor Marie Tomlinson they are both 3 and are twins of corse Tommy looks more like his dad Taylor looks more like me. And their dad is Louis William Tomlinson he does not know about them but they know about him I show them one direction interviews and point to him every time they see him they yell daddy but they have never met him in person or talked to him.

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