His kids

Brittany Marie Horan is Niall James horan's sister and has gotten in lots of stuff butt this is wild she fiends out she's preagent Bfore she can tell louis he leaves her with out knowing about the twins.


10. fighting

Haley's pov

We walked in and Brittany and Louis were glaring at each outher Tommy with Brittany Taylor with Louis Dylan ran over to Brittany and Tommy and hugged them Darcy ran to Lou and Tay and hugged them hey wats wrong with you two I asked Lou and b him her Brittany and Louis said at the same time oh there fighting this can't be good Tommy Tay what about you guys I like mum better and that skunk likes dad better Harry Lou Dylan stay here and listen to Lou side of the story Ok love you heys Darcy you two come on we're going to talk. What happened

Brittany's pov

Me and Tay and Tommy were at the store and I dropped the kids of at Lou's mums and went home when I got home I opened the door to see that bitch Hannah walker kissing Lou on the couch i ran to the room crying louis ran after me I locked the door and slid down it crying louis was crying saying he's sorry after he gave up he got mad and started breaking shit screaming he slept on the couch crying himself to sleep same as me but on the bed the kids stay at his mums for a week now I'm packing my stuff and going to live with Niall the kids are going with me but staying at me and Niall's mum for awhile.

Harry's pov

Lou was crying saying she hates me Harry what am I going to do she's leavening I can't live with out her yes you can no Harry I love her I made a mistake now she hates me.

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