His kids

Brittany Marie Horan is Niall James horan's sister and has gotten in lots of stuff butt this is wild she fiends out she's preagent Bfore she can tell louis he leaves her with out knowing about the twins.


5. famley time

Louis pov

1year later

Let's go to pool ok love yes Lou I'll go but I refuse to swim but love I'll teach you how to swim no yes mum even we know how to swim and were 4 years old fine I'll do it. I'll call the lads you call the girls ok

1hr later

Were Here so is you're aunts and uncles. yay!!!hi uncle Harry Niall and Zayn and Liam and hi to lovely aunts Haley and Nikki Alexis Hannah where ready to swim yay come on love time to learn how to swim can I get a tan first no you promised fine now do this ok now you got the hang of it now go to that side of the pool and I'll stay on this side no no no yes I'll die I get you ok 1min later you did it mum yay and you locked hot while doing it lol Lou

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