His kids

Brittany Marie Horan is Niall James horan's sister and has gotten in lots of stuff butt this is wild she fiends out she's preagent Bfore she can tell louis he leaves her with out knowing about the twins.


6. alone

Brittany's pov

Louis William Tomlinson and Taylor Marie Tomlinson get In here I scream as I look at Tommy who is duck taped to the wall yes love yes mum you two get Tommy down now yes mum yes my love.

Louis pov

We scwered up now baby didn't we ya we did dad.mum yelled at us now tommo Tay say sorry sorry son sorry bubby it's ok see he's so nice to forgve you now isent he yes.

1hr later louis pov

Dad mum can we go to grandma and grandpa's this weekend Shure as long as it's ok with my dad and my mum tommo call li and ask

Cov with bobby

B=bobby t=Louis

B:hey louis what you need

T:can Tay and Tommy come over



Cov over

Brittany get kids ready to take them to Bobby's house ok tommo.

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