The Curse

Tessa is a normal victorian girl, well.... she was, before her whole life got turned upside down. Wen she has to make a desision that will turn her whole lfe upside down, will she make the right choice and will she cope with the aftermath of it? Will she end The Curse? (contains some violent and gory scenes).

I'm looking for a co-author for a new Movella I'm working on, if your interested let me know! Xxx


6. chapter 5

As I walked toward the castle, a fog descended upon me. It was thick, so thick I could barely see my hand before my face. It cast an eerie chill over me and caused the long, gnarly fingers of trees to jump out at me and claw me. It distorted sounds, amplified the sound of a twig cracking underfoot, turned a hoot of an owl into a desperate plea for help, and made every rustle of leaves into ghosts whispering sinisterly around me. The road went straight up, so there was no chance of getting lost, but it was uneven making it easy to trip on if you can’t see where you’re going. By the time I got to the top, the gates, there was a good chance my feet were bleeding inside my boots. At first I hadn’t seen the gates through the fog, I almost walked into them. Towering fourteen feet into the air, they dwarfed me. Black, and obviously made by a well-trained black-smith, the metal curled around itself making beautiful yet ominous patterns. The lock was broken and one of the gates was ajar, done recently. I took a deep, shaking breath and prepared myself to go in. I knew that if I waited much longer then I would chicken out, so I went in. the castle was practically in ruins now, some of the walls were thrown across the grounds in disarray. Only half the roof was where it used to be, giving cover from the elements to only a few lucky rooms. It had begun to rain, clearing the mist. But this was worse. When it hit you, it was so hard it hurt and was so cold, it was half ice. It was only lunch time but the cloud cover was so dense it may as well have been night. The rain hammered down- soaking me to the skin. As if the sky knew I was terrified, it let out a clap of thunder and streaked lightning across the sky, illuminating the ruins before me. Just as quickly as the light had come, it left me in darkness again. Coldness wracked my body; I was unable to control my shivering. I hurried my way into one of the rooms in the remains of the once great structure, the only room with a faint, flickering light. As I walked in, the first thing I noticed wasn’t Belouise; it was a large rocking horse in the corner. Alongside the rest of the clutter that lined the walls on all sides, it was almost life size and would have terrified any child who may have wanted to play on it. It was moth eaten, its fake hair and skin peeling off in places, its mane matted and tangled, with only one eye left. The eye was made off glass, a beady little thing that seemed to follow you wherever you went. Then I saw her. She was standing, no, hovering, over by the window. Her feet were only a couple of centimetres off the floor, but it was hovering none the less. As if she felt my eyes upon her, she turned, her hands splayed out at her sides, hair streaming around her head. A flash of lightning illuminated the scene, causing a creepy glow around her. Her eyes were completely black, skin paper white and her lips were blue.

“What do you wish to have achieved by coming here?” She hissed at me, her blank eyes staring above my head.

“I want you to let Belouise go, she’s done nothing. You must stop this while you can.” I said, trying to sound strong, but my voice was shaking and my hands were balled up at my sides, my nails digging into my palms.

Why would I do that, I’m having so much fun in here.” she let out what seemed to be her version of a laugh, it sounded like nails scraping down a chalk board.

“Please, she’s only young, let her live out her life. You’ve done your work.” I pleaded, nervous tears starting to leak out of my eyes.

Sneaking up behind me won’t work.” She shouted.

“I’m not, I’m right here, I’m not!” I said in despair.

She let out her version of a laugh again, “You think you’re alone, and he thought he could save you. What a pretty pair.” She raised one of her hands and I heard a strangled gasp as Xander of all people was pulled up into the air by an invisible force and flown over to in front of my poor sister.

“Let him go!” I screamed at her. Suddenly Xander crashed to the floor so I ran over to him to help him stand. Groaning he found his feet and I realised what had to be done. I took it from him whilst she was distracted by a lightning flash and hid it behind my back.

“Belouise is my little sister, I knew her better than anyone else.” I said whilst advancing toward her, “We’ve grown up together. I remember once when she was playing on the swing in the garden, she said she felt like she would be able to touch the stars if she only swung a little higher. So she tried to swing higher, but she fell off the swing. She was only six so she automatically burst into tears. You would have thought she’d call out for dad, but she didn’t. She called out for me. I love Belouise; I would do anything to make sure she wasn’t hurt. And I know she would hate not being in control of her own body.” By now I had reached the body of my sister. Even though she was hovering, she still only reached my chin. So twisting my wrist so she wouldn’t see what was in my hands, I reached round as if to hug her. And I did it. Her blood was running down the back of her gown and onto the floor, splattering onto my dress. She didn’t even scream, just let out a little gasp and her head lolled back into my arms. And I dropped the dagger to the floor. Dropping her, I staggered backward away from her limp, yet convulsing body. All of a sudden, she disintegrated, turned to dust, a black smoking pile of dust.

A/N: Hi! Sorry for the really late chapter! I'll make up for it with the next one, it's the best!

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