The Curse

Tessa is a normal victorian girl, well.... she was, before her whole life got turned upside down. Wen she has to make a desision that will turn her whole lfe upside down, will she make the right choice and will she cope with the aftermath of it? Will she end The Curse? (contains some violent and gory scenes).

I'm looking for a co-author for a new Movella I'm working on, if your interested let me know! Xxx


4. Chapter 3

“Tessa, Tessa? Are you ok? Tessa?” slowly I opened my eyes and what looked like my bedroom swan across my vision.

“I think she’s awake Xander.” Said a voice that sounded a lot like Belouise. Yes, Belouise my sister, I can see her now leaning over me holding what looked like, and what certainty has the pungent smell of, smelling salts. Once she saw I was awake she rose off the ground and walked toward the door, picking up the box on her way, “Good, she is. I’m going to tell dad.”

“What…. What’s going on?” I heard myself squeak, clearing my throat I repeated, “What happened?” Slowly I pushed myself up into a sitting position, my arms shaking all the while. Another person stepped into my view; it was my lifelong friend Xander. I’ve known him all my life and have stopped caring what people think when I tell them my best friend is a gentleman. Still used to seeing the scrawny boy he was only a year ago, it still astounds me the man he has grown to be. Tall with dark black hair, he’s striking and well built. His vibrant green eyes streaked with gold always show his emotions- something I’ve learned to read well.

“Well, according to Belouise you touched a wooden box and collapsed.” His strong deep voice rippled through the air, always capable of calming me when I was upset or angry. Suddenly I remembered what had happened after I collapsed- the vision or whatever it was.

“You haven’t opened it have you, the box?” My voice took on an urgent quality immediately. Xander raised his eyebrows, clearly surprised at my sudden change in tone and shook his head.

“I’m not sure; she defiantly took it down with her. She and you father might open it though.” He explained.

“No! They can’t!” I shouted shooting up and going to the door.

“Hey,” Xander said rising from the ground too, when we were both stood up the top of my head only reached his chin- I felt so short all the time when I was with him, “What’s gotten-” And he got cut off by a large crash accompanied by a loud, guttural scream. A man’s scream. My dad. As swiftly as possible in this unnecessarily large dress I swept out the door and clattered down the stairs, closely followed by Xander. We burst into the kitchen and I had to stop and gag at the scene that was laid out before me. Beloise was stood there like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but by her was my dad. His skin was dripping down his face like candle wax, grotesquely forming in puddles on the floor leaving his muscles hanging loosely like a relaxed rubber band. In places you could see the ivory whiteness of his bones and his eyeballs drooped out of his skull held in place by nerves. I threw up.

“I told you girl. I will have my revenge.” Belouise’s mouth was moving but the voice that was coming out of it was not her own. It was a haunting, hissing sound- unearthly and terrifying. It was now that I noticed that she was deathly pale and rocking slowly back and forth as she was standing, her eyes were empty, the pupils massive, surrounding pale blue eyes- a complete contrast compared to the sparkling young girl’s eyes I was used to.

“Tess… What’s going on?” Xander asked hesitantly, keeping his eyes in Belouise, never blinking.

“I’m not sure, but I think she opened the box.” I replied, unsure and also overwhelmed. I knew something bad would happen but I didn’t know that this would be it.

“The young one opened it. She let me free. FREE,” The… creature hissed at me, “I needed to check that I could accomplish my task, the old one had to be sacrificed.”

“Who, who do you need to get revenge on? I know why, but I need to know who.” I pressed calmly, trying to see whether I could warn the person, and more importantly- would I want to?

“You should know. The man. The one you resent. Your betrothed.” After remarking this, the thing made a sound that could have once been a laugh, but now it sounded like nails being scraped down a chalk board. My brain kicks into action suddenly. My betrothed. Tarquin Lightwood, the man my father arranged my marriage with. The man in the vision. I could see it then, how alike the men are- it’s the same man. Someone I was supposed to be close to but wasn’t. It makes sense now, Mr Lightwood I so much older than me- forty-nine whilst I’m seventeen- so he was young when he did what he did. Having hated him anyway, I now despise him. Was I going to warn him? No. But was I going to let it happen? I wasn’t sure. A thought hits me like a ton of bricks. That’s why I’m dressed up; I was supposed to be moving into his town house that day. I glanced at the clock on the wall, I still had time.

“I have to go. You have to stay here. I’m going to lock you in. Xander, you’re going to come with me, I’m not letting you get hurt.” I fired off instructions quickly, collecting the house keys I beckoned to Xander and walk out the door. “I will come back for you Belouise… If your still in there.” Once Xander was out I locked the door and turned to him.

“I need to go now; even with my dad gone I need to keep up my end of the deal. If I break it off now I’ll be out on the streets, see you soon.” Without waiting for an answer I turned and walked briskly down the street. Once I was a few streets away I hitched up my skirts and, I’ve already said about this bit.

“She got out.” I said my brain going into over drive. How? I had locked the door… unless she climbed out the window, she was small enough.

“I know.” The man said, looking up at me. It was then I realised that I knew I recognised him, Xavier.

“Xavier, what? How did you get here?” I stumbled over my words in shock and confusion.

“I was walking this way to; you just didn’t seem to want to walk with me.” He replied matter of factly.

“Right…. Well I need to meet Edward still, I’m going to be late” I said curtly, turning away.

“I don’t think you be speaking to him again anytime soon.” Xavier said hesitantly, looking down at the body.

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