The Curse

Tessa is a normal victorian girl, well.... she was, before her whole life got turned upside down. Wen she has to make a desision that will turn her whole lfe upside down, will she make the right choice and will she cope with the aftermath of it? Will she end The Curse? (contains some violent and gory scenes).

I'm looking for a co-author for a new Movella I'm working on, if your interested let me know! Xxx


3. Chapter 2

My landing wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences. My ankle got caught in one of my petticoats, so I landed on it awkwardly, twisting my ankle. As I stood shakily to my feet I couldn’t stop a gasp of pain from escaping my lips. I looked around, taking in the scenery, or what was left of it anyway. I was in what looked like a forest, but it was charred- the edges of the trees blackened and crumbling, the smell of smoke and death was hanging in the air. It was desolate and lonely, in the middle of no-where. And I didn’t recognise it. Black leaves scattered the floor, obviously fallen from the formidably trees towering towards the night sky. I thought it was day, but since I had been in a different place when it was day it only makes sense that the time was different as well. The moon was just visible in a gap between the trees; it was full and seeing it gave me shivers. The trees themselves rose higher than a house, staring down at me from their heavenly height. I heard panting from behind me. Leaves crunching below feet, feet that were running- quickly- and were running closer to me. Two sets of feet. I spun round, leaves flying in all directions, to face them. A woman was running toward me. She barely looked older than twenty-five, long white hair flew out behind her, unravelling from her long plait. Tears streamed down her pale face and dripped onto the pure white nightgown she was wearing. Her feet were bare and bloody, covered in leaves from the floor. She looked like she was terrified.

“Hello? Are you ok?” I said as soothingly as possible considering the pain I was in. She kept on running toward me, showing no sign that she had heard me- or even seen me. Then my theory that she hadn’t was confirmed as she ran straight through me. She just passed through my body like I wasn’t there at all, not even slowing down. I was too shocked to speak so I just made a vague gasping, gurgling sound. I felt a coldness pass through me and for a second I thought my breakfast would make a reappearance. In a panic I patted myself down just to check that I was still all there, because at this point the idea that I wasn’t seemed realistic. My blood ran cold as I remembered, there were two sets of pounding feet, two people panting…. So where was the other? Quickly I flicked my head up to see, and sure enough- there was another figure running toward me. It was male, a tall and muscular male. He had blonde hair and cold blue eyes, only, unlike the girl, he was wearing full evening dress. At the back of my mind recognition appeared, remembering him from somewhere, that they were an important figure in my life. All this only happened in a matter of seconds, from being run through till the man. Luckily I managed to dart out the way before he passed and once in front of me, I ran after him. Slowly, he began to catch up to her. A lake came into view, sparkling in the moonlight- we appeared to be running toward it. The gentleman grabbed the woman’s arm and shook her.

“How dare you run away from me!” he shouted, his voice quaking in anger. The poor girl being shaken like a rag doll was struggling against him and failing, so, in what seemed to be last attempt at freedom- she slapped him. The crack resounded throughout the woods and already an angry welt was forming on his cheek. I felt so sorry for her in this moment because the man seemed to be both drunk and angry- a bad combination to be in. He roared and picked her up, walking toward the lake… and I guessed what he was about to do. This realisation tore through me and immediately I was running toward him.

“NO! You can’t! Stop!” I screamed trying to punch him, but all that happened was that my fist passed through him. Pulling the girl forward, the devil crouched at the edge of the lake. I couldn’t bear to watch but some unknown force pulled my head back whenever I tried to turn away. Grasping the poor girl by her neck the man forced her head under the water and held her there. She struggled so much but she couldn’t get free, and eventually the inevitable happened and she went limp- but still he held her there. After a second or two of this, I felt the watery sensation again, everything went black. But just before I was fully immersed in unconsciousness a threatening, spine tingling voice whispered through the darkness.

Release me. Open the box. I will have my revenge……..

And I was gone.

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