The Curse

Tessa is a normal victorian girl, well.... she was, before her whole life got turned upside down. Wen she has to make a desision that will turn her whole lfe upside down, will she make the right choice and will she cope with the aftermath of it? Will she end The Curse? (contains some violent and gory scenes).

I'm looking for a co-author for a new Movella I'm working on, if your interested let me know! Xxx


2. Chapter 1

Three hours before….

I gazed out the window at my sister absentmindedly. She’s digging, probably planting some posies. Belouise- my sister- was always a slight little thing. She reminded me of a china doll, porcelain pale with red rosy lips- something she had without having to nibble on them- and big glassy eyes. She was stunning. I glance around my room, familiarity overwhelming me for the last time. My old rickety brass bed stood against one wall with my wardrobe against the opposite. The old dressing table and mirror stood underneath the window, decorated with my mother’s jewellery- the last thing I had of her. Her old wooden rocking chair sat by the fire place, still covered in her old patchwork blanket. The walls themselves were a light blue, the flooring is wooden with an old moth eaten rug lain across it. I glanced toward the floor length mirror that sat next to my wardrobe and sighed. Today was the day. Today I will leave the home I grew up in- the only real home I had ever known. I’d been born here, as had Belouise, and my mother had died here. I looked in disgust at my outfit in the mirror again. By putting on this outfit I had turned myself into the very figure of the person I hate, one of the posh girls that had grown up with a silver spoon in their mouths…. Now I was becoming one of them, part of their society. And I hated it. My father arranged this marriage without my consent, if I had had my say I would have picked someone different. My dress is a pale pink, fitted around the waist and the bodice- picked out by my soon-to-be-husband no surprise-, the skirt flows out and down with a bustle at the rear, finishing off the effect. Roses adorned my bodice and hat whilst my raven black hair was pinned in an intricate twist behind my head. The pink of the whole ensemble made me looked paler than usual and my eyes a vivid green. Tentatively I nibbled on my lips to make them look full and rosy. In short, I was the perfect wife; I was to be shown off to people whilst looking delicate and adoring.

“Tessa, Tessa! Look what I found!” Said my younger sibling, bursting through the doors.

“Hey Bel, what you got there?” I said laughing at her childish excitement. Belouise was seven years younger than me, which made her ten at this time, but her birthday was a week away. I thought what she was going to show me was just a little animal she found, something insignificant that wouldn’t change our lives in anyway shape or form. I was wrong. I didn’t know it at this point but what she was about to show me was something that would change all of our lives, and not necessarily for the better.

“Look, I dug it up. It looks like a box, who’s do you think it was?” She spluttered, hastily trying to get the words out in her excitement.

“I don’t know, why don’t I have a look?” I suggested, wanting to share in her excitement. She reached out to give the box to me and I saw it was made of wood with beautiful flowers carved into it. It must be a jewellery box I remember thinking. I took it from but as soon as my hands brushed the surface of it I felt like my face had been plunged into water and I was falling into blackness.

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