Relationship Recipes |payne|

"There are different types of recipes for food, but why not make recipes on good relationships?"


1. Extended Description

Delilah Watson is your average teenage girl. She goes to school at a local college and spends her free time running the bakery her parents own. She's a straight A student, loyal and very dedicated in making her future the best it can possibly be. Delilah is a very creative person and comes up with an idea. She works in a bakery and in order for something to be made correctly, you have to follow the recipe, so why not make a relationship recipe?

And that's exactly what she does.

Liam Payne is anything but average. Being a world-famous boyband member, he always has girls around screaming and getting excited over seeing him along with the other boys. But after a while and a few bad relationships, Liam is getting burnt out on the fame thing and people only liking him for that reason alone. So, he takes a six month break in America, where his calming break was gained, along with a few other things.....    

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