Small People Probs

Okay, so i may have some anger issues and... i may have some small person probs, but lets just say that i can kill anyone who bothers me. I mean, i am a spy after all. And my next mission??? One Direction is in town and so is France's top agent. Let's just say that she wants to create chaos and what is the best way? idk, maybe killing an internationally loved boy band... Just a thought.


3. New chapter

Whispers quickly drag me out of my sleep. I lay still as i try to hear who it is. As soon as i start listening though, a hand grabs my wrist and tries to jerk me up of the couch.

My eyes snap open and i go into agent mode and grab their arm, flipping the person over the back of the couch. They land with a thud and let out a low grunt of pain as i land onto of them, pinning them down with my hand wrapped tightly around their throat.

As soon as my eyes meet their green ones, i jump to my feet and stumble back, running my hands nervously through my hair. I am supposed to be protecting them, not almost killing them.

The boys crowd Harry abd make sure he is alright while i stutter out an apology.

" i am so sorry its just... You grabbed me an it was just a reaction. I am so, so sorry!"

Liam grabs my hand and pulls me out of the room and away from a glaring Harry. Niall and Zayn follow us while Louis stays with Harry. They seem to be really close friends.

" i know what it feels like

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