Small People Probs

Okay, so i may have some anger issues and... i may have some small person probs, but lets just say that i can kill anyone who bothers me. I mean, i am a spy after all. And my next mission??? One Direction is in town and so is France's top agent. Let's just say that she wants to create chaos and what is the best way? idk, maybe killing an internationally loved boy band... Just a thought.


1. Another Mission

~~I run through the trees, swinging around when i hear a twig snap. I know it is not me, becasue i am a master at moving silently. Closing my eyes, i stop and listen to the noises of the forest. Another snap to my left has me leaping up into the trees. Right as i make myself cozy on the bottom branch, a boy steps out onto the path below me.

He looks left and right before shaking his head in frustration and creeping off down the path. As soon as he is out of sight, i fall to the ground, landing in a crouch. I want to laugh at him, but i can't, since he is my best friend and all.

I make my way down the path and pull my knife from my belt. I know that, to complete my mission, they will make me practice hand-to-hand combat.

I am just about to make my way off the path, when my ear-com beeps. "Back to base, Alessandra. You have a new mission." I let out a whoop of joy before quickly slapping a hand over my mouth.

Now, i have to find- my thought is cut of as a heavy weight lands on my back. I grab whatever i can get my hands on and flip the thing over my head and away from me.

"Ow, Alessandra! My god, i'm going to have to go to Nurse Hallick, again!" He groans.

"Sorry. You know better than to sneak up on me, Andrew." I reach out a hand and pull my bestfriend up off the ground. "We have to get back to base, i have a new mission."

He nods and we make our way out of the woods and back to Headquarters. I can't wait to find out my new mission.

Once we get to the front of the building, i stick my hand onto the dna matcher thingy that knows if you are allowed to come into Headquarters or not. We both pass and the wall slides open, revealing a giant metal elevator. As we step in and the door slides closed, to tv monitors pop up to show the information about the passengers.




I get really excited when i see the last thing, even though it has been three years. A VIP Agent is someone who has never failed at completing a mission and they are allowed to help send other agents out on missions.




Andrew was the one who trained me, so it only makes sense that he is also a VIP Agent. We both have worked really hard to get to where we are today.

Another thing about VIP Agents is that, since you have put in so much work and effort, you are allowed to retire whenever you want to. Say you fall in love with your mission... WHich actually happens alot, then you are allowed to retire or semi-retire, which means you can come in and pull missions when you are bored ro there is an urgent mission you have to go on.

As soon as the elevator dings, i bounce out. I am a really bouncy person. I can be serious when i have to but, when i am in safe areas, i am allowed to just be my hyper-active and crazy self.

"My god, you are so mental." Andrew mutters as he passes me. I have fallen over a chair and landed on my stomach and now all i can do is giggle.

"Andrewwwwww!" I whine in the midst of my giggle fit. I streach my arms towards him and try to hold my puppy dog face. "Carry me!" He huffs and walks back to me, grabbing my foot and dragging me towards Chief's office. I let out a squeal and keep on giggling. Agents watch us as we pass and laugh at us or just keep working. They seem to be used to our antics by now.

Andrew slams Chief's office door open and pulls me in. Chief is sitting at his desk and gives me a dissaproving look but you can tell he is trying not to smile. Chief is like a father to me. "Whaddup Chief?" I ask, striking a pose and pretending to loook natural while Andrew drops my foot and stands straight to show respect for Chief.

Chief gives me a look and motions towards six other men in his office that i hadn't noticed yet. I jump off the floor and brush myself off, while a few of the guests let out laughs. Giving them a glare, i walk around Chief's desk and stand to his right. I am one of the highest agents at Headquarters and i am his right hand man. Looking over his shoulder, i say, "Chief, i was training with Andrew when i got a summon. What is my new mission?"

I look up when i hear a booming laugh. Across from us sit five boys who look my age, and a kind of intimidating man. I recognize the man from tv and stick out my hand for him to shake.

"Simon Cowell... How is your cousin doing?" I was placed last year to help hide his cousin and him from a french agent.

He laughs and says, "I thought i had recognized you. How are you, Ace?" He uses my nickname.

"I'm great. Actually, i think i will be your agent for this mission. So, Chief, what exactly is my new mission?" I turn back to chief and wait for him to tell me.

"The French have sent their best agent over and are trying to creat chaos, again. You were supposed to take her down last mission, but we had to settle with knocking out headquarters instead, which was a big thing. I guess they have managed to figure everything out and are back on top of things. They are targeting these boys next." He motions to the five boys in front of us.

I look at them, assessing them with cold and calculating eyes. "What's so special about them." The boys seem taken aback, but one of them glare at me and say, "We are famous. That's what is so special." He puts sarcastic emphasis on the word special while flicking the curly hair away from his green eyes.

Grinning, i put both my hands on Chief's desk and lean forward. "I am famous too. A famous killer." They give me a skeptical look and the curly haired boy roold his eyes. "I can kiil you forty seven different ways in one minute. Simon, who i have worked with before, knows this."

Simon nods his head. "It's true. I remember once, when she was hiding my cousin and i, she killed a pizza delivery man within seconds just by pressure pointing him." I smile at their faces of confusion.

"I can't believe that, Simon. I mean, look at how small she is." One of the boys, with brown hair and blue eyes, gestures to me. I narrow my eyes at him and, in seconds, i am over the desk with my finger on his neck.

"This one right here can paralyze you in seconds." I wrap my hand around his neck and push him against the wall, holding him there even as he struggles. I am and agent, i am stronger than him. Moving my hand to his rib, i poke him there too. "This one will knock you out for sixteen hours." I move my hand up to his temple area. "This can kill you within moments if i press down hard enough. I can roundhouse kick you and break you neck in five seconds flat. A kick to your left ribcage with just enough force can send you into a coma, one that you won't come out of. Shall i continue?" Simon is watching in fasination, Andrew is grinning, Chief is looking on with a tiny hint of proudness while trying to mask it, the other four boys are watching with terrified expressions, and the one with the blue eyes who's against the wall is just trying to breath.

Dropping him, i waltz back around the dest and put on my best innocent expression. My big grey eyes and long curly black hair makes this really easy for me to pull off. Simon starts laughing and the boys glare at me. Except, the brown haired blue eyed boy is looking at me with something like awe.

Chief hands me a folder with TOP SECRET written across the top and tells me, 'You need to be packed and ready to leave in five minutes, tops. You will be debriefed when you get to the house. For the time being, you will be posing as one of the boys' sister. Probobally Zayne becasue you look most like him." He gestures to one of the boys with dark hair and skin like mine.

I let out a whoop of joy and jump up and down. "Yay! Another mission! Thanks, Chief." I give him a hug adn bounce around for a minute, before calming down and switching my face into a reserved and cold expression. The boys are watching in a kind of fascination as i school my features and Andrew laughs at my moment of happiness.

Chief dismisses us and i run out of the room and jump onto Andrew's back. "Onward, horsey." He runs up the stairs in the middle of the room, which lead up to the second floor, which is the housing for agents who live here.

It is a ritual of ours to help the other pack when one of us are going on a mission. It takes me two and a half minutes to pack and i grab my iphone before heading downstairs. On the way down, i hook my ear-com for my mission into my ear. It lets Headquarters contact me long distance. Now, it's time to kick some French butt.

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