Stephanie Scott is your typical american 17 year old. She has a small group of friends, her grades are average, she spends her free time reading. She is what you might call an inbetweener. Stephanie thinks her life is pretty boring, she much rather wished she lived with the fictional characters in her books. One day a handsome, mysterious boy comes to school. He is everything she could ever dream of. While Stephanie falls in love with him he can't be more disinterested. At least, so it seems.


1. You look like crap

"Hello?" A hand waved in front of Stephanie's face. She sleepily turned her eyes to her friend Mary. "Steph did you, seriously, read all night long again?" Mary looked at Stephanie with a hopeless look on her face. Stephanie sighed. "Maybe." she said groggily. Mary laughed a little. "Those books aren't good for you Steph, I mean, look at you, you're a mess." Mary gestured towards Stephanie. "I'm only saying this because I'm your friend okay? But you look like crap, I'm serious, when was the last time you like, showered?" Stephanie buried her head in her hands and looked down at the grey classroom floor. In a distance their teacher Mrs. Hansen were talking about algorithms. "Nice of you Mary, I actually showered not too long ago, thanks for asking." Mary glanced at her. She crossed her arms and looked questionably at Stephanie. For a while she was quiet and just looked at her. "I don't believe that for a second." She finally said and looked back at Mrs. Hansen. Stephanie was way too tired to even listen to what Mrs. Hansen said, it not like it could be that important, right? Who cares about algorithms anyway? When the bell rang Stephanie slowly walked out of the classroom with Mary by her side. Mary was talking about prom, for the thousandth time, Stephanie already knew way too many details about the upcoming prom that Mary was arranging, and didn't care to listen this time. Stephanie was, of course, forced to go. Even if she told Mary that she had gotten the flu and would infect everyone there, Mary would've forced her to come anyway. There was no escaping it. Mary was going with her boyfriend Mark to prom, and everyone else of her four friends had dates as well. Though Stephanie wasn't that excited about sitting on a bench all alone listening to bad music for a whole night, it was at least better than being up on the dance floor listening to bad music for a whole night. Stephanie didn't even care to put the math book nicely in her locker when she unlocked it, she just threw it in and grabbed the chemistry book. "So I think I'm going to wear the green dress, what do you think? Do you think it'll look good on me?" Mary asked. "Uhm.. yeah, yeah I bet it looks great on you." Stephanie said without really thinking about what she even was doing anymore. Her body seemed to be on auto-drive. "Well you're boring today, see you later. I have french now, yay." Mary said sarcastically as she raised her arms up in the air as for a fake sign of excitement. "Have fun." Stephanie mumbled and continued toward chemistry class.

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