Stephanie Scott is your typical american 17 year old. She has a small group of friends, her grades are average, she spends her free time reading. She is what you might call an inbetweener. Stephanie thinks her life is pretty boring, she much rather wished she lived with the fictional characters in her books. One day a handsome, mysterious boy comes to school. He is everything she could ever dream of. While Stephanie falls in love with him he can't be more disinterested. At least, so it seems.


5. Monopoly

"No but listen to me, I swear Area 51 is real! Where else would they keep all of the aliens?" Stephanie laughed as Ian looked at her seriously. "Of course there isn't such a thing as Area 51! That's just one of millions of conspiracy theories." Stephanie had been at Ian's for a few hours, and she had no idea how they got to talking about Area 51, of all things. "Ah." He held up a finger. "But the thing about conspiracy theories is that they involve some kind of truth." He grinned at her as she frowned at his stupidity and crossed her arms. "Okay so there may be a secret underground government base in the deserts of Nevada but I doubt there are any aliens in there. Besides, what would they do with them?" He looked at her as if he thought it was obvious. "To experiment of course!" Stephanie felt a smile spread across her lips. "You're so stupid." He just grinned ever wider. "You're just saying that because you couldn't come up with a good response." True. But she wasn't going to let him know that. "No, I'm saying that because you're stupid, now shut up." His cheeky grin turned into a true smile as he looked down at the ground. Stephanie leaned back in the little sofa. "Besides, it's your turn." He looked down at the board of Monopoly and frowned. "How are you beating me? I'm awesome at this." He was, Stephanie was actually really proud that she was successfully beating him at the game. She'd lost count of how many times he'd previously beaten her. "Well I'm just more awesome I suppose." He glared at her. "It's luck, you got Boardwalk before me." "Nah, I think you're getting worse Parker." He squinted his eyes towards her. "Challenge accepted." He said and threw the dice. A five. He moved his token forward and hit a chance square. Stephanie was hoping for one specific card, and she was in luck. Ian's seemingly constant smile faded as he fell back in his armchair in despair and threw the chance card on the table. "Noooo!" He shouted and buried his head in his hands. Stephanie smiled down at the card that read "Take a Walk on the Boardwalk, Advance Token to Boardwalk." Boardwalk, where she had an hotel worth more money than he had on him. She'd won. She put her hand up in the air like the ending of The Breakfast Club as Ian groaned. "You're going to regret this Scott." He said and she felt slightly terrified as he looked up from his hands, instead at her, and started to grin. Slowly he stood up and started to walk around the table towards her. She held her up her hands in defense in front of her. She barely had the time to say "Don't even think about it" before his hands were all over her stomach. She couldn't stifle her laughter as he tickled her over all the places he knew from experience that she was ticklish, and she didn't try to stifle her laughter either. "No, no stop it!" She shrieked after a while, tears now streaming down her face from laughing so much. "Never!" He just shouted and grabbed one of her arms in his hand so she wouldn't be able to push his hands away. Right then, she could fight back. She took him by surprise as she began tickling him instead and as he tried to back away from her, he did a terrible mistake, he tripped. Since his hand still was around her arm he dragged her down with him. Now they were both on the floor next to each other, laughing the hardest Stephanie felt she had in ages. What she wasn't aware of was that as she was practically dying of laughter, Ian couldn't take his eyes off her as he laughed with her. With her by his side, he had never been happier.

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