Stephanie Scott is your typical american 17 year old. She has a small group of friends, her grades are average, she spends her free time reading. She is what you might call an inbetweener. Stephanie thinks her life is pretty boring, she much rather wished she lived with the fictional characters in her books. One day a handsome, mysterious boy comes to school. He is everything she could ever dream of. While Stephanie falls in love with him he can't be more disinterested. At least, so it seems.


3. Ian

At lunch Stephanie couldn't get the thought of the boy out of her head. His green eyes seemed to be scratched into her brain, when she tried to think about anything else, she failed. What finally took her out of her deep thoughts was Mary. "Oh. My. God. Who is that?" Stephanie looked up from her untouched plate of fries and followed Mary's glance. She felt her heart take an unexpected extra jump in her chest as she saw the boy again when he walked into the cafeteria. "I would tap that." Mary exclaimed. Stephanie glanced at Mary's staring eyes. "Don't you have a boyfriend?" She asked. Mary tore her eyes away from the boy and looked at Stephanie. "It's not forbidden to look, and that is someone worth looking at." Mary nodded her head towards the boy. Stephanie turned her head towards the boy and studied him. Before she could determine anything about him she felt someone blow air on her neck. Surprised she quickly turned around and was shocked to see her friend Ian standing with his face very close to hers. He laughed at her surprised expression and his blonde hair fell over his face as he bent down his head. When he looked up again he pulled his hair away and looked at her with his blue eyes. "Hello weirdos." He sat down next to Stephanie and put his tray in front of him. "How are you both on this fine day?" He smiled cheekily, like he always did. "Quite well." Mary responded, without returning the smile. "Have you seen Mark today?" Before Ian could respond Mark sat down next to Mary. "Did someone say Mark?" He asked and put his arm around Mary and pulled tightly to himself and started kissing her passionately. With a disgusted look Stephanie looked down at her plate. "Well, this is awkward." Ian said. Stephanie looked up at him as he crossed his arms and put them on the table. He turned towards her. "You didn't answer my question, how are you?" He asked. "Well, I didn't really have a chance to do so since someone," she turned towards Mark with a meaningful look. He waved  her away and continued to, what looked like, eat Mary up. Stephanie leaned her head against her left arm and looked back at Ian. "Interrupted me. But I'm fine, how about you?" He smiled at her. "Oh I'm grand, I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend." Stephanie smiled. "Stop quoting the fault in our stars." She said. Ian sighed. "I keep trying to impress you with my book reading, thinking you will start to have some sort of interest for me, but no matter how hard I try, I seem to fail. I mean, I even quoted Augustus Waters, what more could a girl want?" Stephanie laughed in response. "You can keep laughing all you want, it's going to happen some day." He continued. Stephanie looked at him. "So basically, you're good then?" She asked, repeating her previous question as if he had said nothing. "Pretty much." He responded and took a fry off her plate and threw it in his mouth. "Hey! I was going to eat that! Besides, you got your own plate of food." She said. Ian shook his head. "First of all, no you weren't. Second of all, I didn't get any fries. And third of all, your fries are cold, so you can keep the rest of them." Stephanie punched his arm. "Ouch!" He exclaimed and rubbed his hand against his arm. "That hurt." "No it didn't, you know that as well as I do." He looked at her for a second, then proceeded to talk to Mark, who now seemed to be done with kissing Mary. Stephanie glanced over the cafeteria and spotted the mysterious boy sitting alone at a table with his back to her. She admired the way the sun hit his hair. In the light it was in now it looked more like a bronze shade than the normal almost black one. After looking at him for a few seconds, she proceeded to turn back to her friends and take part in the conversation they were having.

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