Stephanie Scott is your typical american 17 year old. She has a small group of friends, her grades are average, she spends her free time reading. She is what you might call an inbetweener. Stephanie thinks her life is pretty boring, she much rather wished she lived with the fictional characters in her books. One day a handsome, mysterious boy comes to school. He is everything she could ever dream of. While Stephanie falls in love with him he can't be more disinterested. At least, so it seems.


4. Charm

"So hey, you want to come over later? My parents are away for the weekend so we have the house all to our selves." Stephanie, surprised, stared at Ian, he just wiggled his eyebrows and grinned. Stephanie punched his arm. "You're disgusting." She said, but she could feel a smile spread across her lips as she continued walking down the people filled hallway. His grin always made her smile. "Oh come on! It's inevitable! It will happen someday, you know it as well as I do." Stephanie just shook her head and, to her despair, felt her grin grow wider. "No but in all seriousness, we haven't hung out in forever." He shrugged. "I miss you." Stephanie glanced at Ian, his grin now gone as he looked up at her with huge puppy dog eyes. "Oh god, please stop it with the damn puppy eyes. I'll come, jeez." She said. His grin grew to an enormous size. "Not for that reason!" She quickly added. "God, how is it possible that you don't have a girlfriend?" She said sarcastically. He chuckled as he bent his head back and put a hand to his chest. "Ouch, you hurt me Steph. To answer your question, I suppose my charm is just too much for them." He continued to grin at her. God that grin, she wished she could wipe it off his smug face. "Charm? What charm?" She just said. Suddenly he leaned in close to her ear and she shivered as his breath tickled the hairs at the back of her neck. "The charm that makes you feel like you're doing now." She shivered again as he pulled back and looked at her again. Stephanie was aware that Ian was attractive, she was aware of the yearning looks she got by the girls in the hallway when she walked next to him. She just never thought of him as more than a friend, still, it was fun too mess around with him. She frowned. "You're so full of yourself." He chuckled as she turned to walk into the now almost full classroom. "See you tonight Steph!" he called before he continued down the hallway. She was still smiling when she bumped into a hard chest and almost fell too the ground. And, for the second time that day, a big warm hand wrapped around her forearm. She looked up at those green eyes and gasped. She didn't mean to gasp, but his face wasn't something you didn't gasp at. He let her arm go as if it had burned him and opened his mouth, as if he was going to say something, but appeared to change his mind and just shook his head and walked past her to his seat. All of the girls in the class was either looking at the boy, as if he asked, they wouldn't hesitate to get on their knees and praise him, or at Stephanie, envying her position. He had touched her, oh what they would do to be her right now. Her arm still burned as she sat down behind the boy. Who was he? She clearly was not the only one who didn't know. Basically everyone in the classroom was staring at him, boy or girl. Mr. Smith suddenly opened up the door and Stephanie jumped, she had been so involved in her own thoughts that she'd almost forgotten why she was in the room in the first place. Now she remembered, English class, her favorite. "Right class!" He exclaimed as he put his bag on the floor beside his desk. "As you may have noticed we have a new student here today." He gestured towards the mysterious boy Stephanie had bumped into twice that day. "This is Matthew, he's a transfer from, uhm" Mr. Smith looked at Matthew for help. The boy sighed. "London." He said in a deep voice. "Thank you, London. I expect you to greet him with kindness. Now, let's read some Shakespeare shall we?" Mr. Smith said before turning to the board. Whatever girls hadn't fallen in love with Matthew before definitely did now. A british accent was something Stephanie considered every girl to adore, which was proven when she looked around the room. The looks on the girls faces were priceless and Stephanie chuckled quietly. "Is there something funny Miss Scott?" Stephanie looked at Mr. Smith who turned around to look at her. "Well, yes, sort of." Stephanie said. The whole class turned to look at her, except Matthew. "Care to share with the rest of the class?" He said. She knew he wasn't being serious, Mr Smith was probably one of the most humorous people at the school. He never denied a chance to humiliate his students, which was part of the reason that Stephanie loved English class so much. She smiled. "I just think that the girls of the class probably should pick up their jaws, they hit the floor quite badly." Suddenly every girl in the class looked down at the floor with tomato red faces, but Stephanie held hers high and smiled. Mr. Smith glanced at Matthew and a smile tugged at his lips. Then he once again turned to the board, apparently pleased with the level of embarrassment in the room. 

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