Stephanie Scott is your typical american 17 year old. She has a small group of friends, her grades are average, she spends her free time reading. She is what you might call an inbetweener. Stephanie thinks her life is pretty boring, she much rather wished she lived with the fictional characters in her books. One day a handsome, mysterious boy comes to school. He is everything she could ever dream of. While Stephanie falls in love with him he can't be more disinterested. At least, so it seems.


2. Attention types

Like any typical chemistry class, this one was no exception, it sucked. Not that Stephanie didn't like chemistry, she actually thought chemistry was really interesting, and it would be amazing if she had a good teacher. Stephanie's teacher was not good, at all. Her chemistry teacher was called Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson was a 60 year old, skinny man. He had small glasses that rested on the top of his nose, pursed lips and a voice that was so incredibly uninteresting that no one in the class could concentrate. You can't really understand how a voice can be uninteresting until you have Mr. Anderson as a teacher. When the bell finally rung, after what seemed like forever. Stephanie quickly walked out of class. As always, Stephanie walked with her head down, not drawing any attention to herself. In Easton High there were two different types of attention; You can either be popular and adored, or you can be hated and bullied by the popular ones. Neither of these seemed very tempting to Stephanie. Of course, popularity would be awesome for a while, but 1, she didn't have the looks or the social ability to become popular and 2, being at the top was a risky path, one mistake and you'd drop down to the bottom. So staying out of it seemed like the best option. As long as you didn't draw any attention to yourself, you were risk free. As Stephanie tried to make herself look as small as possible, someone bumped into her, hard. She would have fallen over if someone didn't grab her arm. The hand that wrapped around her forearm was big, warm and strong. The person dragged Stephanie to her feet. She looked at the boy that had bumped into her. Before her stood a tall and fairly muscular boy that couldn't have been older than Stephanie herself. The boy wore a plaid button down, ripped jeans and sneakers. He had messy, dark brown hair, pouty lips, and green eyes. Stephanie felt as if she was looking at an angel. She had never seen this boy before, of that she was sure. His face wasn't something that she would forget in a haste. The boy only looked at her for a split second before he mumbled with a deep voice, "Watch where you're going." And walked past her without glancing at her way. Stephanie suddenly remembered to breath, so she did. Without a word she bent down and picked up her chemistry book that she had dropped when the boy bumped into her. She could still feel his touch on her arm. And for some unknown reason, it made her insanely happy that she had bumped into him.

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