Earth's Eve

This story includes a series of events, based in the often over-used zombie apocalypse scenario. But this isn't any normal 'shuffle-around-and-eat-brains' zombie apocalypse, oh, no! These hybrids run two up to three times faster than and Olympic sprinter, can jump 50 metres without effort, and will kill just for the feeling of the blood gushing down their throats. Join Dustin, Angelica and Bradley, as they try to survive, in a time which can only be described, as Earth's Eve.


5. Walking Wounded



Chapter 5-Walking Wounded

I woke up to see Jami standing over my bedside. It was quite an unnerving sight, seeing her sooty face, obviously from a mine raid, for tools, and wood for fires, and then the tears tracks, revealing the caramel colour of her skin of her face, and the weepy red eyes, hidden by her auburn fluffy fringe. “Jami… what… what happened?”

Jami sobbed, and sniffed several times before completely breaking down, and managing to choke out, “Angie… she… she…”

My body went cold. Angelica had been left behind. My brain was numb, as part of it battled to be angry at Jami, part in mourning for my probably dead sister, and frustration, that while they were out, futily risking their lives, I was lying here unconscious and oblivious to the world.

“Well, we have to go get her back then!” I swung my legs over the side of the cot I was lying on, and head my breath as my head swam and pulsed.

"Woah there, chico!" Jami cried, "You can't! She's probably already dead, anyway!"

"What... do... you... mean?" I said through gritted teeth.

"Well... she, uh... how do I say this..."

"Just say, I don't care how!"

"Well she... she... kinda got bit, and..."

"WHAT?!" So Jami just left an injured girl, on her own, to fend for herself. Unacceptable. and seeing that the girl was my sister... Pure evil. "I'm going out on a raid." Jami knew what I meant at once.

"Oh no, you ain't, boss said no raids, until he's made sure the area is clear, besides, if Angie is stumbling around half zombie on us, ain't no way no-one goin' anywhere, without his know-how."

"Let me take a wild guess... You're his pitbull....?" Jami glared straight at me.

"So what if I am?"

"Pathetic." I muttered, and I stalked off, Jami hot on my heels.

"Did you not hear me? Ain't NOBODY going NOWHERE! Angie's still out there, and-"

"EXACTLY!" I bellowed, striding along the corridor, attracting many worried stares. "How d'you even know she got bit by a fecto? How do you even know what bit her?"

"I saw it happen, and-"

"-AND YOU DID NOTHING!" I roared, and spun around to face her. "I am going out to get my sister back, and not you, not your precious Lewis, NO-ONE, can stop me!" I glared at her for a second longer, thunder rolling plainly across my features, then sprinted up the main stairwell to the top of the school. "Don't worry, Ange" I thought. "I'm coming for you..."

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