The Memories Of the Half Blood Prince

Moments from the life of Severus Snape, the Half Blood Prince


2. The Park... and Her

I hurried down the lane, trying to keep out of sight. If she was there I didn't want her to see me, or know I was here. Would she be there? Would she? Yessss! She was, with her sister. She was so pretty. Long dark red hair, and her eyes as green as a cats. I couldn't take my eyes off her. "Severus, you don't need to" I reminded myself, "She doesn't know you're here"

I didn't like her sister even by what I had already seen of her. Thin and lanky, she was the opposite of her sister. Short hair, and a sharp angular face. She was running with her sister, playing catch. I wondered what the girl's name was. Her sister had called her Lil last time. Could it be Lilliana maybe? Or just Lillie? Her hair danced around her like it had a life of her own. A smile curled up my cheeks as I watched her, I didn't know why. I should be sad. This was officially the worst birthday of my life. But I wasn't.

She ran so fast, able to dodge her sister every time. This girl was magic, I knew it. Ever since she had flown 6 feet off the see-saw last time she had been on it with her sister and had landed unhurt. But had I imagined it? Maybe, in my desperate desire to see more of this girl I had imagined it, and hoped that she too would be off to Hogwarts with me soon. Wouldn't it be so amazing if she did come to Hogwarts as well? We would be in Slytherin together and she could be my best friend.

Lil was calling her sister to the swings, clearly wanting to show her something. There was a somewhat fearful look in her eyes as Lil swung upwards, higher and faster. My heart was in my mouth. For two reasons.

1. I was so scared she would fall.

2. I was hoping desperately she would, but land safely and then I'd know for sure she was magic.

Just as she was about to do a somersault on the swings, she let go. The other girl let out a shriek. But the pretty one was fine. She landed too far away from the swing, landed too lightly. I felt almost dizzy with happiness. She was a witch! She would be in my year in Hogwarts! She had landed too close to me though, and I shrank further into the bushes. She pranced over to her sister, who looked shocked.

"Mummy told you not to!" the older girl said, her hands on hips, looking furious now.

"But I'm fine," She protested, giggling. Her smile. When she smiled, her face lit up. Her eyes sparkled and I had to look away, I don't know why. "Tuney, look what I can do," she said. Tuney seemed to have an internal battle of emotions, but her desire to see won over and she moved forwards. The girl bent down to pick a flower, and held it in her palm. I'm not sure what happened: I wasn't close enough to see, but whatever happened, her sister was disgusted.

"Stop it!" she yelled, her voice leaving a silence hanging in the air. For a minute, the girl's face seemed to crumple but then she regained herself and said, pouting "It's not hurting you," throwing the flower to the ground. Tuney's eyes seemed full of greed as she asked, "How do you do it?" longingly.

I couldn't stop myself. Jumping out from behind the bush, I found myself saying "Isn't it obvious?" Tuney shrieked, darting towards the swings, but the Lil girl stayed where she was, staring at me. I felt blood rush to my cheeks, in fact to every part of my body as she looked at me. I couldn't help it, I looked away. She continued to stare, quizzically, waiting for an answer. I replied nervously, not sure if Tuney should hear or not "I know what you are"

The girl looked really confused. She replied "What do mean, you know what I am?"

I had to be the one to tell her. I had to. "You're a witch." I said.

She looked insulted, and angry. "Well that's not a very nice thing to say to somebody", and flounced off to join her sister at the swings.

I feel my cheeks heat even more and hurried after her. I had blown it. Damn!


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