What to do

Niall your boyfriend or you best friend Louis who has had a secret crush on you ever since you two met


2. the trip to Louis

"Niall I swear it wasn't me!" I tried to tell him but he wouldn't budge

He didn't say anything

"Niall... We were just messing around and then Lou got all serious and kissed me"

"(Y/N) I love you...at least I did... Well I still do but I don't know if I can.... Let you in my heart again as you've just broken it.." Niall said starting up the car and driving around me

I didn't know what to do.

I walked over back to the curb and sat down balling my eyes out

Why didn't Niall believe me... Did Louis love me?

I loved Louis as a friend and all but Niall had my heart and I had his.. Well at least I thought I did

I sat there thinking about everything when a thought popped up in my head

I had to tell Niall the truth.... I had to find him.... I had to find Louis

But I was going to find Louis first and talk to him about this

I stood up wiped away my tears and ran to get my phone of the bench inside

I called a taxi, and when I got in I said

"Take me to Louis flat"

"Um sorry miss but I don't know where Louis's flat is.." The taxi driver said

"Oh right sorry.. 1 Besford road"

The taxi shot off and we were there in no time

I quickly paid and ran into the apartment building

I had no time to take the elevator so I ran up the stairs. But I got tired half way so I started walking.

When I finally got up to the 13th floor I knocked on the door, but no answer

And then the door opened slightly and I saw one of Louis's eyes pop out.

But when he saw me he quickly slammed the door shut

"Louis let me in!" I said banging on the door

"No ones home" he said

"Louis please! Just please open the door!" I said with tears flooding from my eyes

He didn't say anything

"Louis please!" I begged

But when he heard me crying he opened the door

"(Y/N) please don't cry" he said taking a step towards me

"Louis we have to talk about this"

"You know I really want to kiss you right now" he blurted out

He stepped towards me

"But the thing is Lou.... I can't, I love Niall with all my heart but I love you as a best friend and that's it"

"I know.." He said looking down

"Louis we can't be more then just friends...."

"But I want to be more then just friends" he said picking up my hands and holding them in his "(Y/N) all I can think about anymore is you.... I want you in my life, I want to be more then a friend to you, I want us" he was looking straight in my eyes again, and I couldn't help staring back into them

"But Louis what you don't understand is that I'm taken, by one of your best friends..... I love you so much as a friend..." I said

"But who cares about everyone else..." He said anger in his voice letting go of my hands

"Louis I'm sorry"

"No ... Don't" he said turning around and slamming the door in my face

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