I'm a vampire's slave and his soulmate?


3. chapter three.

I woke up with arms around me, 'what the hell...' I thought to myself, "Morning to you too," "stop reading my mind!!" I said before looking up, I was laid on Blake's bare chest. "This cant be happening," "Don't worry, nothing happened, I just comforted you," part of me was relieved but part of me wished something did, what's happening to me? Nothing can happen, I'm his slave, nothing more, and probably nothing less as I'm at the bottom right now. I shot right up, and jumped out of bed. "Haven't you got to be somewhere?" awkward silence filled the room, "nope, not yet" there was a knock on the door, "Blake, tonight's the ball and your, Lacey needs a dress," "Okay mother," he yelled back. The awkward pause, I knew what she was going to say, 'slave' the word gave me Goosebumps. I hated the fact that I was somebody's slave. I would love my own life back, my old life, before anything happened to me, them, rape, vampires, I wish I was back home tucked up in bed, knowing nothing but the fact that I would never meet a 'vampire'

After I finished feeling this way I had clothes thrown at me, "Lauren said that this outfit would look good on you, because of your figure," Blake explained whist rolling his eyes. "Thankyoou," I said without looking at him. He left the room, so I got in the shower and washed over, then I got into the skinny jeans and tank top with converses. I then did my hair in a messy bun and did my makeup, not too dark and not too light. As I finished doing my eyeliner, I heard the door open, "Are you ready yet?" the sound of Blake's voice echoed through to the bathroom. "Nearly." I yelled back, "Okay," as I came out of the bathroom I could hear Blake on the phone, so I stopped. "Brandon, I don't like keeping slaves. I mean it's horrible, she's got feelings too. She cried herself to sleep last night, I had to sleep in the same room as her," there was a long pause, "yes, in the same bed, nothing happened, I need to meet up with you come over later, need to talk about something that happened to Lacey," that's when I walked out of the door, "Got to go bye." He turned around and looked me up and down, "wow, Lauren was right, it looks amazing on you." I gave him a shy twirl and smiled. "Thanks." "Com'on. My sister and my friend would like to take you shopping for the ball tonight, is that okay? If you need anything just call me okay?" he handed me a blackberry, I looked at him weirdly. "It's my spare one; you can keep it, in case you get in any kind of trouble. My numbers on there, if they annoy you or you get bored just give me a text okay?" "okay," 'why would a vampire prince, give me a phone to ring him if I'm in trouble, is it because of what I told him, what happened before he bought me, maybe he feels guilty, I'm his slave not his friend, I'm so confused..' what if he read my mind, I would be screwed, "right, lets go get Lauren and Olivia and you can have some 'girly' time," he said leading me out of the room rolling his eyes.

I was looking forward to this, but nervous at the same time, meeting 'Olivia' made me feel nervous, was she Blake's girlfriend? What if she doesn't like me? "What are you thinking about?" Blake said as he distracted my thoughts. "Today, who is Olivia? What if she doesn't like me?" "Wow Lacey, chill out, she will like you, she's a family friend," 'she's just a family friend? Chill out' "No... You didn't really think that she was my girlfriend" he said breaking into a laugh, "you did? She's just like a bestfriend, but not only my friend, she's just as close to Lauren" the seriousness tone in his voice raised. "I'm sorry," I turned my head to the ground and followed him downstairs where Lauren and Olivia were. "She looks alright," I overheard Olivia say. Blake gave her a stern look, "hi, you must be Lacey." "You must be Olivia," I said smiling, "yes, let's go have a girly day, we need to get you a dress."

We left the house and got into Lauren's car and pulled into the mall, we all tried on several different dresses, Olivia found a purple dress that was really slim, Lauren found a red dress that brought out her eyes. They found me a dress that was light pink and was a puffed out, "Go try it on Lacey," Lauren said getting all excited, I got into the changing room and put the dress on, as I stepped out Lauren and Olivia's mouths were hanging on the floor. "is it really that bad?" I turned around to get out of the dress, "NO, its perfect" Olivia said over excitedly whist grabbing my wrist, "you look so pretty," get that one!" "Okay, okay. I'll get this one" we all rushed to pay for our dresses with Stefan's credit card. We then got back into the car and drove home.

Blake's POV:

Last night Lacey told me everything that happened to her, I feel so sorry for her, she's been through so much, getting kidnapped, getting raped all because she's a human and vampires don't like them. She's different thought, I don't know what's happening with me, I'm falling for a human, but she's kind, caring. 'Blake, what are you thinking, you can't like her' I rang up Brandon telling him everything; I'm surprised he's surprised that I slept in the same bed as Lacey. I can talk to him about my feelings, he's my bestfriend, sounds gay but he really is, he's the only person I can trust.

I was in my room where Brandon walked in as I sat on my bed, "Blake," he looked at me worried. "Brandon?" "Oh I thought you were asleep," "nope, Lacey's gone shopping with Lauren and Olivia and I can't stop thinking about her." I said whist laying down and staring at the ceiling, "Blake you know nothing can happen with you and Lacey, because she's your slave," "Brandon, you know I don't like the fact I got a slave, I think its taking their rights away," "wow, Blake, you really like her? Does anyone else know?" "No, but I know she kinda likes me back, she thought that Olivia was my girlfriend and she was getting jealous," "I think she's alright, she seems like a caring girl that's never had a proper family, she needs to be looked after," "Brandon she told me something about the place after she was when she got kidnapped, she told me someone raped her, and they used to do it constantly, before she got here, that was way I was in her bed last night, to keep her calm and comfort her. She needed it, we need to find him, he needs to pay for the damage he's done to her," "We'll do it after the ball tonight okay, I promise," "Okay thank you Brandon, you cant tell anyone about my feelings okay?" "Okay, we need to get ready for tonight," that's when I heard the front door open, "I think she's back." I told Brandon excitedly.

Lacey's POV:

We got back to the house, I walked into the living room, and placed the bag with my dress in it on the floor, that's when Blake and his friend walked in, that must be Brandon, he had snakebites like Blake, it looked like they had been talking for a while, "Hey, Lacey, I told you that you'd have a good owner" Blake stared at him with evils. He didn't like the fact that I was a 'slave' he didn't like the fact that they had slaves, he say's he hates it and thinks its against my human rights to be a slave, his mum thinks the same, but Stefan, he's getting used to calling me Lacey, not slave. Blake looked happy to see me for some strange reason; Brandon just looked amused with how happy Blake looked.

"I have a great owner, but Blake doesn't like be calling him that, he told me to call him Blake," "oh I see, is this what you've bought to wear tonight at the ball?" Blake asked changing the subject "Yes, but your not looking at it till tonight" I said laughing at them, "Fine, Brandon you can sleep in the guest room tonight after the ball?" "Thank you Blake, it would be a pleasure, we have a few hours till the ball, how about we all hang out for a bit?" Brandon asked nicely looking at me and Blake. "Sure, Lacey would you like to join us?" Blake turned and looked at me with his puppy eyes, "Course, let me take this upstairs as well." Before I could pick my bag up Blake had grabbed it, I smiled, that's when we went upstairs to Blake's room.

We all hung out for a bit, watched some films, but then Lauren came in, "Lacey, we got to get you ready, Me and mum's been looking for you," I looked a Brandon and Blake, "I'm sorry Lauren," I got up and walked towards her, she grabbed my wrist and took me to the room where her and Terri was getting ready. Terri was already in her dress, Lauren had already done her makeup and had started hers, as she finished her makeup Lauren and Terri started talking about who was going to be at the ball. Terri left as soon as Lauren finished doing her own makeup, Lauren started doing mine, a light foundation, mascara a little bit of eyeliner and some blusher. As soon as she was finished we both got into our dresses, hers a red dress that brought out her eyes. Mine light pink puffed out one. As soon as our dresses were on we looked in the wardrobe for some shoes to match. As soon as we found, the right shoes we left Terri's room, there outside was Blake and Brandon, the way Brandon looked at Lauren was cute like he liked her more than a friend, maybe he does, "Wow, girls you look, wow," Brandon blurted out. "Why thank you Brandon." Lauren twirled around and said cutely, you wouldn't think she was a year younger than me, she acts so much older, Brandon and Blake are two years older than me they act so childish when they're together, as Lauren and Brandon headed down I followed behind where Blake waited. "Lacey," I turned around to find Blake standing inches away from me, "Yes?" I honestly thought he would of confessed about something, "This ball, you need to stay near me, as my father said you're my 'slave' plus I made a promise. To keep you safe. If I'm not around there's Brandon, okay?" I looked into his eye, "Okay," and carried on walking down the stairs, Blake walked beside me, as we got to the bottom of the stairs Stefan was there, with all his friends, "Lacey, come and greet my friends please," I looked at Blake who knew I was afraid of his father, I curtsy to show my respect, like Lauren had showed me, "Hello Lacey, Blake is she yours?" I head one of Stefan's friends ask, "Yes sir, she's mine, we need to make an entrance to the ball, we'll see you later," he said before grabbing my wrist, thank god for that.

Before we entered the ball, I had no idea what it was for, "Blake, what's this ball for anyway?" "well my mother wants me to find the 'perfect' girl, and I hate how she's rushing me into things, I'm 19, I still have a life, just because I've been going on a few dates and they don't work out doesn't mean I want marriage yet," I looked at him as I took it all in, he was unhappy because Terri wants him to have a happy life, live and have a family, but he just wants some fun, "oh, so there's going to be loads of 'perfect vampire princesses'?" "'Perfect' is such a strong word," he looked at me and knew what I was thinking, I would never have a chance with Blake, and being his slave doesn't help, I'm surprised he hasn't tried sucking my blood.

We walked in the ball, there was loads of stunning girls in here, I was so scared, I was in a room full of vampire, why wouldn't I? Blake walked down the stairs and I followed, we then went over to where Olivia, Lauren and Brandon were stood. "BLAKE! You look so hot!" Olivia shouted over to him giving him a wink, "oh hush," he said giving her a wink back, Jeez, I'm jealous already? 'Yeah how can I stay around with people flirting with him like that, I need to get away,' what if they all read my mind? I'm so stupid, need to get away. "I'm going to get a drink," I walked off, into a crowd of vampires, I don't feel safe, I got over to the waiter carrying the glasses of champagne and drank it, I grabbed another and did the same. I feel like I'm the odd one out. I take another glass of champagne and make my way over to where Lauren was, "Lacey, are you alright?" "Yes why wouldn't I be?" "you're all on your own," "I'm fine, I braced a fake smile, I walked away, to the toilets, I honestly feel sick, before I knew it I was in the toilet cubicle being sick with someone holding my hair back, I turned around to find Brandon, "Brandon?! Why are you in the girl's toilets?" "I saw you come in here, with a look on your face I knew you were going to throw up, so I had to grab your hair, ya'know, don't want ya to get sick in it?" I couldn't help but chuckle, I flushed the toilet, and walked over to the sink, "I think its just being around so many vampires, I can't handle it?" "Don't worry, you've got me now, we'll go out there and find the others." I sorted myself out, and we headed out the door, Brandon lead the way to the others, that's when I was cut off by a tall, blonde haired man, he had one side of his lip pierced, "Where are you going?" he said with a evil smirk on his face, Brandon was further away as I looked at him, the man slapped me, "Would you like to dance with me?" "no." I looked at the man, his eyes, red pure evil, he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer, I didn't like this at all, "get off of me," he didn't do what I asked, he tightened his grip. Tears started to fall down my face, "Leave me alone" I said whist punching him to let go, he finally let go but raising his hand towards me again, before he could even hit me someone grabbed his hand, it was Blake, "I do not like the way you talk to my 'slave," he spat out, "I do not like the way you were touching her either, she said she didn't want to dance do leave her alone."

Blake held his hand out to me, I took it without a doubt, "Brandon told me you were sick?" "It was nothing, just being in the room with loads of vampires make me nervous and worried, not a good combination," I said quietly. We made our way over to Lauren and Brandon, we all started talking for a while. "You should all go and have a dance," Blake looked at me, "would you like to dance," He held his hand out, I took it and he lead us over to a space to dance, "Blake, erm I can't dance," I stood there looking at him with a straight face, he started laughing, "Don't worry, you'll get it when we start dancing," he placed one hand on my waist and the other tangled with my hands, I placed my other hand on his shoulder. We danced around the ballroom, he was actually a good dancer, when the song stopped we walked over to where we were standing before, I walked to the toilets, me and alcohol equals me needing the loo a lot, when I got out of the cubical and washed my hands there was the Blonde vampire from earlier, he stood there with a smirk on his face, "No Blake to save you now," Before I knew it two other men came in with a sack. The blonde man grabbed me and lead me out of the toilets, he took me out of the ball room, upstairs to a room, I didn't know where I was going, he lead me into a bedroom.

"Please don't," I started to sob, I knew what was going to happen more nightmares were going to happen, "why shouldn't I, I beautiful girl like you," he pushed me against the wall, kissing down my neck, he pulled up my dress and pulled down my underwear down, tears poured down I had no control, I tried shouting to Blake in my head, I even tried shouting for Stefan and Brandon, but no one came. Blake had broken a promise, a promise I trusted him with.

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