I'm a vampire's slave and his soulmate?


1. chapter one.

This is the first time I've been in a auction. Not to an auction, in an auction, I was being sold off to a bunch of 'vampires' I thought they were fake, but no, apparently they are real. "You ready for this?" a young lad with snakebites said to be as he held out for my hand. "Not really." My fringe hung in front of my eyes. He tucked my fringe out of my face and looked me in the eyes, he could tell I was upset, I didn't know why they were selling me or who to, let's just hope they don't hurt me. "I've got someone to bid for you, so don't worry okay?" damn he can mind read, he's one of them. He led me up to the stage curtains. A little girl, around six was being bided off. She was only six! How could they do that to a little girl! How could they do that to anyone?!

It was my turn, every emotion was running through me right now, the closer I got to the centre of the stage the more I was going to panic and break down, in front of everyone. The nice lad that was back stage stood behind the curtain watching me get bided on, I turned to him, tears in my eyes, he gave me a sympathised look. "This is Lacey, she's 17 years old, she's pretty and she's good to talk to, so, starting at £1000." My eyes widened, 'was I really worth that much?' I thought to myself. "£5000" the men were shouting out from everywhere, "£9000, going once, going twice, GONE! Sold to the man at the back." I searched around to see who bought me. I got shoved over to the stage stairs, where a man and a girl appeared, "Daddy, she'll be good for Blake." "We'll see." "Brandon said she's really quiet, I hope he kept her safe back there," "Com'on lets go." The man growled. I started walking, "Hey, Lacey, I'm Lauren, and this is my dad, Stefan. He isn't really this mean," she whispered to me, "I heard that," he growled again.

We got to the reception area where they had to pay for me, yeah, I've been bought, I don't like the fact that I've been bought but 'Brandon' said I would be in good hands, and I trust him. Stefan handed over £9000 to the lady behind the desk. "So you bought Lacey, she's a very scared girl, but dead pretty," she smiled at me. I gave her half a smile, "Thank you for shopping here your majesty" "What!?" I didn't mean to say that out loud "we'll Lacey, you have the privilege to go and serve the prince vampire, now put this bracelet on her, so we know if she runs off and we can tell she is a Slave." The lady said polity; I did what she said because they would hurt me if I didn't. it was a bit too big for my wrist. "Don't worry; I'll get Brandon to sort that out when we're home." Lauren said to me with a smile, she grabbed my wrist and lead me out to their jeep.

A while later we were at the house, it wasn't a house it was more of a mansion, so big, I must of fell asleep during the car ride. The sun shone through the window and woke me up; Lauren opened the car door and grabbed my wrist leading me into the house after closing the door.

"Lauren, Come here please, I would like to see Blake's slave, that he doesn't know about." I heard from the kitchen. "okay mother, my mum is dead pretty, you'll see," before I knew it I walked into the kitchen where Lauren's mum was doing the dishes and Stefan was kissing her neck, I can't remember the last time I had a cute relationship like that. "You must be Lacey, Blake will love having you around for company," she said before turning around and staring at me, "he will enjoy it a lot, Lauren take her to Blake's room and let her have some fresh clothes and a shower, now." She demanded "oh, and I'm Terri." "Nice to meet you mam," "please, don't call me that," she said before turning around continuing with the dishes.

Lauren took me upstairs to a big room where she got some clothes out of her wardrobe. Her room was big and light pink, it was like a princess's room. "You really think that?" I looked at her weirdly, "You think my room is like a princess's room?" "Yes, it is very pretty," I said hiding face from her, "Thank-you. Let me take you to Blake's room, he's got his own bathroom in there, you can take a shower and get in fresh clothes before he comes home to meet you, from his 'date'" I followed her to Blake's room and headed into the bathroom, "I'll be down the hall in that room we just came out of okay? Give me a shout if you need me." Lauren handed me shampoo and conditioner and headed out of the room, I looked around to see a normal looking room. I got into the bathroom and locked the door. I turned the shower on and got undressed to give it time to warm up, I got in and ran my hands through my hair, it was blonde, I always took care of my hair, loved my hair, was the best feature on me if I'm honest. I shampooed and conditioned and then washed over. I got out and dried myself off and put Lauren's clothes on.

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