Best Friends Forever

It was dark and raspy night, the full moon shone through the window, without it the room would have been completely dark like the memories that happen in that every room. The window was shattered in pieces, the pieces were everywhere. The room is completely empty except for the single bed, with a bloody sheet. The room was where everything fell apart, where murder was committed. But instead both rested on the bed as death slipped in, .The two were BFFs but who could have guessed forever wasn't long.


2. Sun set

Two weeks later, “Samantha, people are here, come down!” Her mother yells as she welcomes the perfect family in. Samantha walks down the stairs, she enters the living room. The Lady, had a smile that said, ‘Hi’ so did the father. The boy coldly looked and then looked back at his palms, the girl stared as her smile was so wide it looked painful. “This is Samantha, my daughter” Her mother holds Samantha around the waist, “nice to meet you Samantha, I’m daisy!” Says the ginger as she offers her hand, “its Sam.” Samantha coldly says as she avoids Daisy’s hand. “I’m Mrs. Mason” Mrs. Mason says as Samantha stares around, ‘Awesome’ Samantha says underneath her breathe. “Why don’t you, show Daisy and her brother around?” Her mother asks Samantha, “Can I have twenty?”  Samantha asks, her mother moves away and then comes back with a twenty dollar bill.  The teenagers live through the door, Sam leading the way.

“Where are we going?” Daisy asks, “The skate park” says Samantha as she pulls her skate board out of the garage. “You skate?” Samantha asks Daisy’s brother, “Not really” he replies, “I can’t skate for shit.” Samantha says as she drops the skate board. “You guys have to run to catch up!” Samantha says as she rides down the street.

“Wow you guys are so fit” Samantha says, as daisy gets a hold of her breathe, and her brother didn’t even sweat. “Ha-ha! Fit? Not a word to use to describe me” Daisy laughs, “But Nate here, is very fit.” Daisy points to her brother. After a minute of silent Sam moves away as she goes to a bench to sit. “What’s fun to do around here?” Nate asks, “There’s a lot if you are a boring person, but honestly nothing here is fun.” Sam says, “Really?” Asks Daisy, “No” Sam says, “oh.” Daisy says, “Being sarcastic, jeez.” Sam says annoyed.  

After a while, the sun sets down. “Where did you guys come from?” Sam asks staring directly at Nate. “Manhattan” Daisy says quietly, “how I’d love to get out of this town.” Sam says as she sits back, “shouldn’t we get back?” Nate asks,  Sam stands up. “First we have to go to the store” Sam says and begins to walk.

After an hour walk, they arrived to some torn up shop on the wrong side of town. Sam walks up to some guy with baggy clothes and a snap hat. “Hey Sam, the usually?” The guy asks, he seems a few years older than Sam with tattoos covering from the skin that’s showing. He has black wavy hair and midnight blue eyes, that sparkle from the moon’s light. “Yeah Dylan” Sam says as she hands the twenty dollar bill her mother gave her. He sneaks something in a small bag in her hand. After Sam put it into her pocket she smiled, “Sam, I was wondering with we could hang out?” He asks shyly, “Yeah at your place?” She smiles, “yeah my place.” He weakly smiles as he watches her nod. She walks to Daisy and Nate. “Okay lets go” Sam says.

After another hour they arrived at Sam’s house, “the lights are on, so we’d get home.” Daisy says, Nate walks straight into the door as daisy waves to Sam.



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