Best Friends Forever

It was dark and raspy night, the full moon shone through the window, without it the room would have been completely dark like the memories that happen in that every room. The window was shattered in pieces, the pieces were everywhere. The room is completely empty except for the single bed, with a bloody sheet. The room was where everything fell apart, where murder was committed. But instead both rested on the bed as death slipped in, .The two were BFFs but who could have guessed forever wasn't long.


3. Reality and Nightmares became one..


Daisy was in another nightmare. The window was shattered into pieces, blood dripping from her  wrist. Somebody rose out of the darkness, with a silted neck. Her hair was dripping with blood; her white blood hair was mostly covered in red liquid. ‘Sam?’ Asks Daisy as the image moves closer, ‘Know love, this isn’t Sam.’ The voice got pitcher as it rolled closer, but the image faded as Daisy was starring right at herself. Daisy gripped her hand in a fist and punched the mirror as hard as she could. The mirror shattered everywhere as parts of blood circled them. Daisy twirled around in a circle and noticed this wasn’t her room. Drawings were on the walls, the ceiling ,everywhere. As daisy looked closely, she noticed a little girl. She had blonde hair, and was wearing a white dress. Then she looked at the rest of the drawings, they were all the little girl, in the white dress.


“Daisy? Daisy, wake up” The deep voice of her brother’s voice woke her from her nightmare. Daisy stretched and yawned. “It’s summer, I don’t see why I must be waken up this early?” Daisy asks, “Your wrist is bleeding” He said as he pointed to her silted wrist. Daisy eyes grew wide, as she looked around. “Did I draw those?” She asked, “I think so, when I came in this morning you were drawing.” He said, as he got up from the ground that he was kneed down to. “Strange” She whispered, “I never knew you could draw this good.” He said and then closed the door. “Either did I” She said to herself.



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