Best Friends Forever

It was dark and raspy night, the full moon shone through the window, without it the room would have been completely dark like the memories that happen in that every room. The window was shattered in pieces, the pieces were everywhere. The room is completely empty except for the single bed, with a bloody sheet. The room was where everything fell apart, where murder was committed. But instead both rested on the bed as death slipped in, .The two were BFFs but who could have guessed forever wasn't long.


4. 'I'll come for you'

The Little girl in the white dress

‘Annabel?’ Sam asks the little girl in front of her wearing the white dress.

‘Sammy I’m afraid’ The little girl cries a tear as her image changes, to the state it was her mother had to notify it.

‘Don’t you cry on me, Annabel’ Sam says as she kneels down to hug the stained the girl.

‘Your hair, changed?’ The little girl being Annabel asks. ‘

'Yes I dyed it white like your dress.’ Sam says as her eyes boil with salty liquid. Somebody comes out of the dark, and begins to pull Annabel.

‘Annabel! Annabel, I’ll come for you!’ Shouted Sam as she runs but no use the girl far gone. ‘I’ll come for you’ Sam whispers to herself as the little girl’s crying stops.


Sam jumps from her dream, she notices her mother sitting beside her on a chair. She claims down and taps her mother. But she’s cold as ice. She sees the pills on the ground, and cries as she shakes her mother.

Mum you can’t do this to me!’ She shouts but nothing. She ran down stairs and called the ambulance.

After twenty minutes of crying in the corner, her mother was taken. Everyone in the neighbourhood was around her after yard. Once she was out drawn of tears, the words of the lady in front of her got to her.

"The Mason offered for you to stay at their home, till we find connection with any relatives."The lady who was kneed in front of Sam, said. 


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