The Lust

A world enveloped in blood is all he can see now, and it is because of her. Death and lies are the sacrifices he must take in order to continue his worthless life. It is the only way to feed that need, that need of blood and flesh. Will it ever be over? How many must die in order for him to live?


1. Prologue.




                I always saw myself as a good person or at the very least a decent one. I tried hard on my grades, I listened to my parents, and I treated everyone around me as an equal. I never had a fight with anyone that escalated past basic arguments over what show is the best, or what kind of food is the tastiest. You could call it mundane and boring, but I found it so perfect. I liked the idea of getting married with some plain job like everyone else; it’s like a puzzle, and the thought of my piece fitting in with everyone else’s was amazing. But as we all know, and what I have brutally been awakened to, is that some pieces are jagged and sharp, with no place to fit in with all the rest. And when those pieces budge and pry their way into the puzzle, as much as they don’t belong, all they end up doing is ruining the other pieces; ultimately destroying the full picture.

            Now I’m here beaten and scraped up into a piece that looks nothing more than some random garbage on the table. I wanted to be placed neatly next to everyone else, but like cancer I spread across bringing nothing but chaos to what was once a nice picture. If I could go back and just look the other way I would do so in a heartbeat, but life doesn’t work like that. The scene of my reckoning is so vividly ingrained into my head with her standing there like the shadow of death. Lilith Ives, a name hardly anyone knows, and for the ones who didn’t they could care less to learn it. The days she actually came to school she was either face, dead, asleep on her desk, or was staring off into the nothingness that was her mind. I knew her patterns because her desk was right in front of me, and every day I had to witness this waste of space. If it wasn’t for that monster my piece would be happily put together with everyone else’s.

            That day was an average spring Monday, and I was one of the few people left after school. I, being the goodhearted person I once was, was taking a few boxes down to the storage room for one of our teachers. We spent the whole afternoon rearranging a classroom, and by the end of it all even the teacher left before me. My body was shaking tremendously, but it wasn’t because the boxes were heavy. No, I was excited because Tara Ackerman, a girl I had a crush on since middle school, had asked me if we could go somewhere to eat together. She too was a kindhearted person and incredibly sweet, and she was the only other person to help volunteer with the classroom. I was beyond happy to hear that we could finally spend some time alone together after being an admirer for so long, and if I was able put away those boxes I would have been off to see her. Sadly, though, when I placed them in their rightful place I looked over through the storage room’s window. I still have no idea why I looked over; maybe my necked itched and I needed to turn to scratch it, or I just wanted to see the sunshine. Whatever it may have been it doesn’t really matter because the end still remains the same; I saw her. It was disgusting and inhuman, and above all insane, but she was doing it. From the window I could see into another classroom, and standing nonchalantly was Lilith Ives. Why would she do that, and how could she do that? Those thoughts, along with many similar questions, banged around in my head as I witnessed this horrible feat. Blood spattered outwards with each bite she took, tinting the window red. I was petrified with horror and disbelief, but there she was, eating a severed arm like it was nothing more than a delicious chicken leg for dinner. Her eyes were monstrous, peering down at her meal with delight, and it matched her bright pale skin that illuminated the blood stains on her face that much more. I bent over, unexpectedly, puking all over the floor. I didn’t know what to do, or who to get. What I did know was that was a human arm, and there was probably more to that person than just a limb, so in a flurry I slid across my own puke and ran as fast as I could to that room. I was still in shock and each time I blinked my vision became more blurry, and I was still unsure of what to do; my body continued to that room in autopilot.

            As horrible as it sounds, I wish I had ignored it all and gone on with my day. I wish I didn’t burst open that door in hopes to be a hero of some kind, but I did, and what I saw changed who I was. The scene of this horror film came to me in parted messages to my brain, as it was too hard to take it all in. I yelled out, still in my autopilot-like state, “Lilith! What are you doing? Get the hell away from him!”

            And in a quick response, another voice called back, “Oh thank god, Shin! Please help me!” I traced the voice back to a boy lying pale with tears and desperation in his eyes. Nailed to the ground was Ben's remaining arm, while his feet were nothing more than nubs as they have been already been chewed away. I knew this kid, his name was Ben Downs. He was fairly popular with everyone, and he made it his mission to get to know every last kid no matter how distant they were. While I might have described myself as a “decent guy”, Ben was truly a good person.

            Before I had anytime to respond to the half-eaten corpse, Lilith angrily spoke back to ben, “I told you if you don’t shut up I would start with your eyes and face.” Ben held his tongue back but his tears could not be retained, and with no pause Lilith went back to devouring the arm she had nearly stripped clean. She didn’t even acknowledge my presence, nor did she stop eating on my account. Ben stared at me with his hazy eyes, and I knew what they were saying. I wanted to stop her but I was frozen once again, and all I could perceive was Ben’s terrified eyes peering at me. I tried to get ahold of myself and the situation, but everything was too bizarre for my brain to let me believe. Then I heard it; the revolting sound of her teeth digging deep into the flesh of this poor boy’s arm. The blood sprayed out around Lilith like a red eclipse then rained on the ground. I could hear the wet rip of her mouth pulling the meat away from the bone, until the sharp snap of the muscle finally letting go. To end it off was a few small chews, with some loud popping, and a large swallow. I was about to puke again, but I regain my sense as she was inches away from another delicate bite. I couldn’t stand to hear those sounds again, to feel that fear again. I wanted it all to stop so I stupidly charged at her, having no real plan of action.

            “Lilith! Stop!” I pleaded to her as I reached for her shoulder, but like an animal she jolted back, dropping her food and went for a clean bite on my arm. Blood poured out and I immediately fell backwards crashing down like a rock. I couldn’t feel my arm nor could I feel the pain, but the fear she instilled into me was far more powerful. I kicked my legs like a toddler, fiercely trying to create as much distance away from her as I could. Managing to push myself against the far wall, I stared at Lilith with my pathetic eyes, but I noticed something different when I looked at her. The eyes; the eyes of a monster were gone, and instead they actually looked human again. Her face scrunched up looking annoyed at me, and spoke dully, “Oh, Shin I didn’t notice you came in. You should never interrupt my feasting, otherwise stupid things like this happen.”

            “What are you!?” Is all I could muster up to say at that time. While I sat there looking upon her I was certain I was about to die, and the person who held my fate now was that girl. Lilith faced me replying with crooked smirk to my question, while wiping away the blood that enveloped her lips and cheeks. “I’m hungry.” She plainly said to me forming a sick and twisted smile. Taking slow and heavy steps Lilith stalked her way over to me. With each step my heart dropped, and as I panicked to look for an out, I saw Ben with fading eyes. The blood loss was too much for him, and his time here was almost up. Back then I was sure I was about to be devoured by this monster and end up like Ben, but as Lilith kneeled down to make level eye contact, I was about to be, unfortunately, dead wrong.

            She lifted my blood painted arm to her mouth, and as I cringed hard, Lilith licked my wound while staring deeply into my eyes. She spoke under her breath while soaking in the powerful taste of my blood, “…and soon you will too.” I had no clue what she meant by that, but before I could ask her, a pain stronger than some bite struck me. It felt like someone had stabbed my heart with a knife, and suddenly all my muscles and bones tightened up. I started to scream in an uproar, and to this day it was the second most painful experience of my life. I would have done anything to stop the agony I withheld in me, but from an unexpected place I gained some comfort. Lilith caressed my hair, “Shh, soon it will all be over, and you will be fine. So until then, go to sleep, and I promise you feel better. I must get back to my feast.” I had so many confused emotions, and I wanted to run away from it all, but I was a paralyzed hunk of meat stuck here. The only thing that made sense was sleep, so that’s what I tried to do; I went to close my eyes, but before I could I saw Lilith taking her final bite out of Ben. Blood exploded out of his neck like a fountain, with red everywhere in sight, then only black.

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