The Fairy Keepers

Azura is a fairy living in the human world; with her Kingdom at war with the werewolves life seems hard. Until she meets Charlie Venator, an under cover werewolf sent to discover her secrets; secrets she didn't even know she had until she met him. And then there is Aston, the Royal fairy messenger sent to her from her mother. What other secrets will Azura find out?


1. Prologue


I blinked my eyes rapidly, making focus of my surroundings. A lush bed with a floating net hung from the roof and a blue light was enwrapping the room like an orb. I heard a door open and close, a pair of wings wisp through the air towards me, like a butterfly might in a meadow. I sat up in my bed and a man in brown pants and a navy top came in. His hair swept back in a low ponytail and he had a fuzzy light behind him. I focused on his back and I realized they were his wings. They hummed, a golden light radiating from within. The man smiled at me and sat down on the fluffy bed. “Morning Princess,” his smooth voice echoed throughout the room. “Morning Daddy,” I replied an instant smile on my lips, my father didn’t return it. I suddenly realized that there were 6 Senders in the room. The darkly clad figures were all separated along the walls tense ready for action. “What’s the matter Daddy?” I asked worried now, his smile was cautious. “You have to go with Kalen and some Senders for a bit, but don’t worry I will come find you soon,” he hugged me tightly and then kissed my forehead. He stepped back and ushered me to follow him. I stood up in my flowing white night gown and took his hand and went out the door with him. 

The hallways were chaotic, fairies and Senders flying madly around like bees in a hive. The intensity of this many powers in panic were overwhelming and I tried to block out the lights with my hands. The 6 Senders heavily guarded my father and me, as we plowed through the crowds easily. We went through a large golden door, as high as the ceilings designed for many supernatural creatures to easily squeeze through. My Mother sat on the thrown calm and collected as usual. She smiled at my approach and she waved the Senders away. I ran up to her on the thrown and she let me sit on her lap. “Mummy what’s going on?”  I asked her, innocence in my voice. A small door to the right opened and closed and my older brother Kalen strolled in. He was only 500 light years older than me yet he was like a warrior and I felt safe with him.

I ran up to him and we hugged quickly. Kalen had a pair of combat boots on and mud was all up his clothing. My mother tutted at his appearance and ordered he was changed. Immediately the closest Sender came over and wafted her hand above his head, making his clothing become clean and presentable again. Kale rolled his eyes and Mother beckoned us over to her and Father. “You two have to go away for a while together ok, you will be in the human world with the Kingdoms best Senders, Rhy and Essumari. Don’t worry they will teach you all about Magic and enchantments and combat. Everything you need to know will be with them.” My Mother sat quietly in her seat while Father told us what was needed.

When we were finished saying goodbye, Mother handed me a tiny golden chest with blue sapphires all over it. She gave Kalen a matching one with red Ruby’s imprinted all over the lock and the key. I opened the chest and inside was loads of colourful gems and rocks. The inside lid had a leaf on it saying, ‘it’s yours, forever and always.’ I closed the lid and Mother put the key on a chain and put it around my neck. She did the same with Kalen. Mother said we had to hurry now and 10 bulky Senders came and pushed us out the doors. Mother stayed, but Father followed us. The front doors of the Palace were wide open and all I saw was a sea of battling faces. Werewolves battled against defending Faerie and Fairy Keepers trying to barge into the Palace.

Enchantments were placed on the furry beasts and many powers were combined to make the pressure more powerful. Hundreds of fallen hairy creatures were scattered along the ground along with many crumpled winged and none winged bodies. I felt powerless and useless, not doing anything to help all those innocent victims. I could have used my powers to help them all. My powers that I wished to exist but did not have. My brother could use his magic of movement to help the wounded move to safer grounds and then become a warrior. All these useless thoughts ran through my head, and I was only 2500 light years old.   

            I shuddered at the carnage and Father slammed the doors shut, making the walls rattle in protest. The Senders continued on towards a door that led into the Forest, and a far off lake. I had changed from my nightdress into a pair of shorts and a long sleeve, a jacket wrapped in my arms. The door swung open and another set of Senders joined the guard. We bustled into the cool morning air and towards the Danellay Lake, pinecones and twigs snapped under heavy feet. I stiffened, and looked up into a tree on my left, sensing we were not alone. A pair of endless black eyes stared back at me. I shook my head, not understanding what he was doing in a tree.

In my head I heard a shouting voice boom to get going, but the boy in the tree only sat there. He moved into the light and I saw he was a werewolf. His fur a light brown with a black patch behind his left ear, but he wasn’t a normal werewolf. He wasn’t on his all fours, a tail swaying behind him and a wet nose stuck into the air. No, he was on his two feet standing normally he looked normal a part from a pair of dripping teeth and hair sprouting over him. He looked at me questionably and I pushed my fingers to my mouth. As I continued on the trail with my Guard the boy jumped from tree to tree following us. I shook my head disapprovingly, although I was only 2500 light years or 5 in human years, I understood a lot for my age.  

We reached our destination and a small aircraft was positioned on the water, Water and Air Keepers lined the Lake focusing on the mirroring waters. Father floated us over to the small plane and planted kisses in our minds. Don’t ever forget how much we love you. Remember forever and always. And with that my Father was gone, as well as the half werewolf boy, my home, my Kingdom and mostly my real parents. Just as we passed the last opening we saw a pack of savage werewolves swarm out of the shadows and attack the remaining Senders. My Fathers eyes widened with fear, locking with mine and Kalen’s just before an aluminous white werewolf launched itself at him. The flash of white on blue and brown would haunt me for life. 

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