The Fairy Keepers

Azura is a fairy living in the human world; with her Kingdom at war with the werewolves life seems hard. Until she meets Charlie Venator, an under cover werewolf sent to discover her secrets; secrets she didn't even know she had until she met him. And then there is Aston, the Royal fairy messenger sent to her from her mother. What other secrets will Azura find out?


6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5


            I walked through the double doors of the main building at school the Monday after Valarie’s party. And ran smack straight into the devil she -not literally because Satin is a dude. My books seemed to fly out of my arms like a pair of hands hand pushed them. She gave a little stomp of annoyance and then dropped down onto her knees and helped me pick up my books. Well when I say helped me; I mean she picked them up while I stared at her gob smacked.

            “You know you just have moving issues?” she told me.

            “Um. Thanks?”

            She smiled coldly at me. “You’re going to regret that.”

My eyes widened. What? What did I do? “Huh?”

She raised her head and nodded behind me. I turned as Charley and some other guys rounded the corner. “It’s gonna get ugly.” She whispered, dragging out the last word. I plastered on a fake smile. You know the ones that on the lips you’re smiling but inside you are mentally hitting them with a brick. I looked down embarrassed and when I looked back up she was gone. My books sat in a neat pile in front of me.

            I frowned; I picked them up and stood. Charley stepped next to me and smiled a seductive smile and I returned it. He kissed me on the lips causing me to stumble. The guys behind us hooted in response. Charley just shook his head and walked me to our next class together; Gym. 

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