The Fairy Keepers

Azura is a fairy living in the human world; with her Kingdom at war with the werewolves life seems hard. Until she meets Charlie Venator, an under cover werewolf sent to discover her secrets; secrets she didn't even know she had until she met him. And then there is Aston, the Royal fairy messenger sent to her from her mother. What other secrets will Azura find out?


4. Chapter 3

~Chapter 3~


   On the third Saturday we had been here before the sun had set, I jogged out towards the Forest. The trees were covered in moss and they rose higher than my house. The ferns and flowers were blowing in the wind. Shadows lurked in the darkness. I walked for a while, just watching the morning dew settle on the waiting plants. In the distance I heard crickets chirp and a few hooves hit the ground running. I walked until the suns bright orange and golden beams crossed through the forest, zigzagging through the trees. I looked up from my dreamy stance and a river crossed my path, it was wide with muddy banks. It looked deep enough to jump into, and above the water sat a swaying piece of thick rope, hanging from a tree. Further down the river sat a tree that had fallen down, and was now used as a bridge.

Many fallen branches were propped up against the side making a ladder. Something moved above me and I looked up into the thickness of the trees canopy. Made around the centre of the tree sat a tree house, a rope ladder banging softly against the old trees wood. I looked on in amazement as a blanket was flung over the side of the wooden railing and a bird perched soundlessly on it. I smiled widely and began to ascend the ladder. When I reached the top I cautiously opened the trap door and climbed into the wooden home. A hammock hung in the corner with a thick blanket and a fluffy pillow wavering in the wind. A small table with a bowl sat in the middle of the room and a series of herbs and spices lay in it. On the balcony was loads of different plant life and in corner was a tall figure. Chestnut hair in a high ponytail fell loosely from its holder. A pair of leopard prints Connie’s sat near her feet and she was leaning over the railing like she was weightless. She had her arms outstretched like she was flying; I found it so odd and cocked my head to the side.

I remembered what Kalen had said when we first met her, that she was more cautious about what she thought and did. She did seem a bit guarded and protective. Come to think of it, every time I had seen her at school she was seated further away from everyone and always kept to herself. She always wore a small necklace with a shining gem in it and hated having her back showing. It all came together and clicked in my brain. A gem to hid her wings and she was always cautious of what she thought and how she showed her back. She must be worried that her gem will fail her and that her wings will be shown to the humans at any moment. Just like most of our kind she was tall and beautiful. I smiled at this realization, and Tammie jumped in the corner noticing that she wasn’t alone. When she turned around I nodded at her and she wavered me over. Why was she so welcoming, I had just come into her house and snuck up on her after all. I walked over to her slowly and suddenly a loud howl erupted into the air. I froze in place. Werewolves.  

If a werewolf was in this forest that meant there was a whole pack, most likely more than 10. If there were 10 werewolves living in this town that also meant they could sniff my family and me out from a mile. That also meant that they would be hunting us in a matter of days, if not already. Tammie shook her head and waved me over again putting her fingers to her mouth. I slowly crept over and peered over the side. I had just put my hands on the railing when a pack of 3 furry creatures burst out from under her tree and leapt across the river in one easy bound. I shivered again and Tammie held my arm reassuringly. The beasts didn’t stop once on their quest, and I didn’t unfreeze until I saw them run off in a triangle. “How many?” I asked, my voice wavering. “16, that I know of, they haven’t spotted any of us yet. But they have doubled their rounds on the Forest, up to 5 times a day,” she said sighing slightly.  I buzzed at the thought of 16 werewolves hunting round the town for magical creatures like myself. I quizzed her over the fact that she said us.

 “There are 3 packs of Fairies in town at the moment. Your family, another one called the Calves’ they live in South Port with 4 children. A werewolf mauled their mother last year and then there’s the Netherlanders’, there is about 7 of them. They aren’t officially related by blood, but they are by heart. Oh and then there’s me and some Faeries,” she said counting them off with her fingers. My head spun with all this new information, and I gripped the railing for support. She smiled widely at me, her dark blue eyes sparkling with awareness. “Jesus,” I whispered in a worried hush. I ran over this new information in my head. There are 16 or more werewolves running around. Ordinary humans in the day, hunting and looking out for mythical creatures like vampires, fairies, faeries, witches, dragons, demons and pretty much anything the goes bump in the night. Then as soon as the sun goes down they transform into a breathing death machine with a wet nose and a tail.

They have tracked the supernatural since the beginning of time. They started of just being fearless hunters and then later on one of the Hunters sold his soul to a demon. Their reputation was lost and they wanted to gain it back at any cost. Even to be cursed for the rest of eternity, so they made a deal with a witch and they became creatures of horrible nature. Some nomads aren’t as evil as the ones in the packs, but there is always an Alpha and he is the worst. The hunters have tragic history, and always seemed to be looking for power. They usually tortured the victims until death and don’t give mercy. I then moved onto the other interesting news the Fairies and Faeries living in this town, it came out that there was about 18 Fairies here. There is my family of 5, the Netherlanders has 7, the Calves have 5 and then there’s Tammie. But when she said that there’s some Faeries I didn’t know how many, but I was guessing about 3 or 4. They didn’t usually come out in the human world with less than 2 or more other Faeries.

Another howl in the distance made me jump and I only just realized I had been holding my breath that whole time. I let out a long whoosh of air, and focused on my breathing again. Tammie looked at my torso, awe on her face. She reached out and grabbed my long silver chain with the elegant key on it and looked at it in admiration. I pulled the chain over my head and handed it to her. “My mother says it’s from Elmerada, I don’t know what it unlocks but she says that she will give me it when I’m older. Kalen has a matching one, but his had rubies in it. And his is attached to a dog tag,” I told her. Her face told me that she was enveloped in the key and was in a whole different world right now. She gently touched the sapphires imbedded in the top and her eyes glazed over.

I was confused but walked away, leaving her to investigate the object. I walked round the makeshift house and picked up a couple of odd objects. On a built in shelf sat a lonesome black chest. A shinning golden locket was clasping the box shut. I walked over to it, and was astounded when I realized that there was also diamonds imprinted all over the lock. I touched it gently and fuzzy images erupted into my head. A small child clumsily walked over to a glittering pond of bright blue water. The child giggled and sat next to the pool looking from side to side, I hovered over and glanced over the little boys shoulder. There was an image in the water, like a picture had been painted onto the liquids surface. Slowly the boy touched to water, little ripples made the image disappear. The boy closed his eyes and slowly he lifted of off the ground and hung his hands over the side of his knees. He smiled widely when he opened his eyes.

Once again the images appeared and in the distance a singsong voice called out. The figure came rushing over and shook her head at the child. She was tall and was wearing a blinding white party dress. Long red hair cascaded along a thick braid and she had brilliant emerald eyes. A small tiara sat proud on her heart shaped head, and a dazzling smile was playing upon her lips. She was perfect, from her golden tiara to her matching shoes, when she reached the child her wings sprung from her back. I held up my hands to shield my eyes from the magnificent glory. They fanned out from perfectly thick wavered lines in the middle to small wisps on the end. I was mesmerized and couldn’t stop gazing. But I figured she couldn’t see me when I waved my hand teasingly in her direction. She didn’t react.

She looked to be a little bit older than me, and she was holding a golden globe. When I looked closer there was a blinking blue dot on it, and nearly on top of it was a red one. When I stared at it longer it seemed to zoom in to the spot. About 15 brown dots also appeared with black rims. When it continued to zoom, I recognized the map it was of Gainsville. I was so confused at that moment, and tried to figure out where she was. A magical palace was placed to her left where the red headed girl had ran from. It had thousands of Fairy Keepers positioned on the roofs, windows, and doors and around the structure staying guard. I was in awe at this scene. Magnificent trees surrounded the area, a shimmering light radiated from its canopy. Melting downwards.

I was suddenly, struck with a flow of information in my head. About twenty people gathered around the hovering glass orb. Like the girl, they didn’t react to my presence. Not noticing I was there. Staring intently at the flashing dots. What were they? I thought, looking closer at them. They seemed to be indication of where something or someone. I quizzed myself on this while the group chattered loudly. “The princess is surrounded by sixteen werewolves. We have to do something. Take her out, away. Something. If the Queen finds out then her Keepers are toast. We can’t have a repeat of what happened before,” someone exclaimed I turned around and looked over this man. He was tall, with broad shoulders and a steal pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose. A tailored suit, and cream wings hung from him. His eyes held a wise note, and a long scare withered from his left eye to his lips. He looked very authoritative. I then looked back at the orb, and realized what it was. It was a tracker for royals. But why were some royals outside the palace, let alone the realm? Well funny I should think that cause I am outside the palace and the realms. So I couldn’t talk. But I wasn’t exactly a Royal.    

I also suddenly knew that the brown dots were werewolves; the red and blue ones were fairies. I was suddenly very confused on the fact that it was a map of Gainsville. Where I had just found out that there were sixteen werewolves running around playing lapdog. The man began to speak again, his voice booming, “we must let Esu-“ suddenly the image began to fade. And a new scene took focus. A golden door arched toward the high ceiling. A long window reached from the floor to the ceiling. Looking out to a long expansion of lush green. Bushes of flowers bordered the area, in multi colours. I gasped when I spotted a sparkling throne placed on a high platform. Five shining gems were sitting on the top of the chair. And a small delicate figure, sat in the giant chair. She had long blonde curls, and a gleaming crown sat contently on her head. A wry smile plastered onto her face, like she didn’t want to be there. Queen Felecity sat in the throne next to a large portrait of a man. His long hair swept into a low ponytail, and a pair of beaming hazel eyes exactly like mine peered out. He had a navy top on and a golden crown sat upon his head. The King and Queen placed side by side, lovingly.

I knew these people. Obviously, a cheek voice sarcastically replied in my head. Well apart from the fact that they were the King and Queen, I replied to the nagging voice. I quizzed my memory of these people. They had lived a long happy life, reining the Kingdom together. About 100 Earth years. 50,000 light years, I thought automatically. The calculations came easily now. My brain was attuned to it, as though I was adding a sum. It was the longest reign in our realms history. I can’t remember exactly but I think there was a war about 5,500 light years ago-11 years- between the werewolves and fairies. Another memory clicked into place. Running through the forest, and a small werewolf on two legs following us. A black patch behind his left ear. The hardened words to get going boomed through my head, like he was standing next to me. I flinched. A flash of white on brown, as a werewolf attacked an older man. His last words to anyone; don’t forget, forever and always. I blinked back unforgiving tears, which startled me. The lady on the throne, sat up in her chair unexpectedly. A loving smile on her lips, blue eyes radiant with content. Unlike in the other two scenes the Queen looked straight into my eyes. “My child, I have missed you. How are you Azur-“ quickly the scene dispersed and I was staring at the blackened box again? Tammie’s posture was gentle and cautious but her eyes gave her away.  

Locked in their depths I saw fear and warning. “What did you see?” she asked, her eyes sketchy again. I frowned unsure why she couldn’t read my thoughts. “Can’t you just read my mind?” I asked her. She smiled again and she placed her fingers on my forearm. “The images from the boxes can’t be over heard. They are images from the past, present and sometimes even future. If you hold the power to that is,” she told me like we were discussing ice cream flavors. I frowned again. “No need to be worried about me seeing the future I don’t even have a power. I’m just a useless girl with pretty hair and a pair of wings. The only thing I hold power over is the fact that I can get things to temporarily appear. Or to create a small wind, or a mist or a spark. Like every single other Fairy and Faerie in history.” I pulled my hand from hers and walked to the trap door. “It was a mistake coming here. I’m sorry,” I told her. And with that I slipped out the door and landed soundlessly on the ground. I glanced towards the bridge, daring those werewolves to burst through the trees. I would take them, I could take them. I blinked back some tears and remembered who I was. Azura Acai; long hair, hazel eyes. Great at Math’s, bad at being a fairy. Azura Acai; first fairy in history to not specialize, only fairy not to have a meaning. Azura Acai useless girl with a pair of azure wings. I shuddered and stomped off, back to my home.




“Don’t you dare say it,” I warned Kalen when I came flying back in. His eyes sparked with temptation, but saw the look on my face and stopped. His smile became a frown, and he grounded his teeth together. “We. Are. Screwed.” He said through gritted teeth. I nodded without even knowing what I was doing. “Who?” he asked grinding his teeth again.

“No idea,”

“Could be Rosco?”


“Don’t worry,”

“We can’t tell Nixie,”


“She can’t walk around school scared shitless!”

He nodded, “true.”

We stared at each other for a minute, our eyes glazing over with fear. Kalen suddenly stiffened and I opened my mouth to ask him what for but I was cut off. The sound of the doorbell rang long and clearly through the house. My senses zoomed in on the door and a familiar presence. I immediately smiled and bounded towards the door. I pulled on the handles and smiled a big grin. I then remembered that there were werewolves in town and self-consciously looked around.

Charley was standing in front of me, his black eyes looking me over. I was still wearing running pants and a singlet. My hair a pile on top of my head. “Hey,” I beamed. He returned my smile and nodded, looking past my shoulders into the kitchen. The muscles in his neck going ridged and his smile became tight. What’s with these people? Its like they have a supernatural ability to sense each other. And Kalen is the only one with the supernatural ability. Right? My head rambled on, my stomach becoming queasy. I wavered, but the idea of Charley being anything but human was madness.

Could be and you know it, Kale’s voice rattled my brain. His mind replaying all the abnormal things about Charley. The familiar eyes, fast reflexes, his pinecone smell, his weirdly dark tan and his ability to sense wherever I am. I shook my head towards the kitchen, knowing this wasn’t true.

Charley coughed, his figure still standing in the doorway. “Sorry,” I looked at him flashing a sheepish grin. I waved him in, quickly fixing up my hair while his back was to me. “What can we do for you Mr. Venator?” my Mothers voice filled the room. She appeared in the doorway to her office, the light shining in from behind her, framing her silhouette. She wore a simple grey dress and a pair of glasses hung from a cord on her neck. My mother did not wear her usually friendly smile but a small line creased her wrinkle free forehead. Essamari Acai’s eyes were transfixed on Charley’s and his eyes glazed over with the compulsion of my mother. My eyes widened knowing there was nothing I could do.

A couple of minutes pasted, my mother reading all of Charley’s thoughts and ideas that have every passed through his head. My mother possessed the powers to read people thoughts, from the current moment to exactly 5 years before hand. She could also compel them to do or act on her accord. She was a talented person, but my father had the ability to stop things in exact movements. Hundreds of times before, Mum and Dad had frozen us in place and read our thoughts. School troubles, people troubles, fairy troubles you name it they knew it.

 A long breath of air burst from Charley’s lips creating a whistling noise. I frowned at him wondering what he was doing. Can’t get in. Be warned of the secrets he holds Azura their dangerous; my mothers voice was loud and clear through my head. Just like yours, I thought quietly not expecting anyone to hear but my mothers glare seemed to put a hole in my head. I winced and ushered Charley upstairs away from my crazy family.

I had only been in Gainsville for less than a month but it felt like I belonged here. Like there was a supernatural pull, binding me here. The world seemed to want me here. Charley and I were closer than anything and were officially dating. Clover and I hung out all the time and I had loads of friends. Everything was working out here; I even applied for a job down at the pier. Charley lay unfocused on my bed, a bottle of water at his side. His head lolled back on a pillow and his eyes staring at a poster on the roof. “How did you get up there?” he asked his voice sounding far away like he was half asleep or something.

“Ladder,” I replied a smooth lie. He just frowned in confusion like he was guessing something else. I went over and sat on the end of my bed, the covers creasing under my weight. Charley’s mouth pulled up into a smile revealing his dimples and he abruptly sat up almost tipping me off the bed. He quickly stuck out his hand and pulled me into him with inhumane speed. We toppled on top of each other on the bed and he announced he had a joke for me. I shook my head in dismay but let him continue. “Why did the turkey cross the road?” his voice trembled with anticipation. I pretended to think for a minute putting a finger to my chin. Finally I shrugged and he huffed with amusement to my defeat. “Well” Charley said turning his face towards mine so our faces were inches apart, “to prove he wasn’t chicken.” He countered proudly. I burst out with laughter bringing my face closer to his with a bright smile. His eye brows creased in confusion, “it wasn’t that funny was it?” he asked totally at loss. I shook my head and he laughed bring back his dimples.

We slowly stopped laughing and lay inches a part breathing in each other’s breath. He was close enough to touch, close enough to hope he couldn’t hear what I was thinking. Slowly, hesitantly he bought his lips down on mine and kissed me. It felt like the room had erupted into a galaxy of fireworks. Showering us in colourful sparks. Blazing white lit up the backs of my eyelids dancing with elegance and grace. It was dark now the blue crystalized lights from the pool shinning up onto my ceiling. Our legs tangled within each other my running shorts slowly creping up my legs. I rolled on top of him my hands running through his hair, his hands running up my upper thigh. My heart hammered threatening to burst out of my chest. My checks a blazing fire anticipating the next few moments. I was praying to go further than just making out, to feel connected to Charley like I never have anyone before. I wanted to make him not just be with me but apart of me. I wanted to feel alive and loved and wanted. But just as my top began to come of with unimaginable speed he flipped me to my side again and raised his eyebrows at me.

“Do you really want to go this far?” Charley’s voice was raspy with excitement and I knew he wanted this as bad as I did. I nodded smiling slowly pulling myself to him again. Wanting us to be one again. I put my lips up next to his hovering there. “Do you Mr. Venator?” I questioned him knowing the answer would be yes. His eyes widened with willingness but he shook his head. “We should wait, make the moment perfect.” A long breath of air whispered out of my mouth and I collapsed back onto my bed feeling defeat. “Its not that I don’t want to, its just that-“ Charley started but I cut him off by putting my fingers to his mouth. I smiled at him and nodded. Inside I was utterly disappointed and wounded but on the outside I accepted his choice and sat up. “Movie?” I asked and he nodded sitting up as well. As he sat up, his shirt fell back down covering his chest. Covering any chance for what we were so close to having.


The movie was predictable the girl likes the guy, the guy doesn’t know if he does, they have a heated moment and then in the end they are together. If only Hollywood could get it right. Vampires did not sparkle or write in diaries. Dragons could change into humans, demons weren’t always from hell. And Fairies weren’t some pixie loving, spell casting, friendly little things. 

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