The Fairy Keepers

Azura is a fairy living in the human world; with her Kingdom at war with the werewolves life seems hard. Until she meets Charlie Venator, an under cover werewolf sent to discover her secrets; secrets she didn't even know she had until she met him. And then there is Aston, the Royal fairy messenger sent to her from her mother. What other secrets will Azura find out?


3. Chapter 2

~Chapter 2~


Mythology was boring like most classes, my teacher, Mr. Durbon made me introduce myself and all I said was; “hi, I’m Azura, I’m from Boston,” then sat back down. Clover and I sat at the back of the room, sitting on our phones talking. Half way through the class 3 guys walked in chatting loudly and laughing about something stupid. One of them was Charley. They all were supporting soccer jerseys, and small black backpacks were flung over their shoulders. When Clover nudged me enthusiastically I blushed bright red and looked down.

Charley and the other 2 guys came over and sat in front of us. Charley turned around after he gave the teacher a lame ass excuse like he had to talk to a coach or something. He smiled playfully at Clover and I. “No phones in class girls,” he said, waving his phone in the air, his smile becoming wider. Clove stuck her tongue out, “correction no piece of shit allowed. Put yours away, Charles,” Clover was full on smirking now, Charley’s expression flickered and then replied evenly, “and you’re here because?”  Clover blushed, and then they both started laughing, I guess they were like really good friends.

“Charley I would like you to meet Azura Acai, she is from Ohio,” my new friend said, sashaying her hands to indicate me.

“Boston,” I corrected her. If I didn’t know any better I would of thought Clover actually knew that I came from Ohio. Anyway I smiled and said hi. Again I saw in his head the image of Charley and me at the beach. I so badly wanted that. “What you guys up to on Friday?” Charley asked putting his phone away now; the other 2 guys had turned around now too. “Going to Azura’s, wanna’ join?” I looked questionably at her; she shrugged and continued on looking at Charley. He looked at me, as if asking if he could and I nodded “sure, text me your address, she’s got my number” he said, his voice smooth and sexy. Clover texted me his number and address. I saved it and thanked her. She winked, overly enthusiastic. I quickly texted Charley my address he texted back saying he would be there at 3.

The rest of the week went fine; I sat with Clover and her friends, who were really nice. They all loved soccer too ironic, I met some other girls in my classes and I had about 4 classes with Clove and only 2 with Valarie. I hung out with Charley a lot, and he was so sweet. On the last Friday of my first week, the final bell rang and the halls became a sea of fleeing kids. The bus stop was packed with waiting students many said hi to me. I found Clover on the second bus stop and sat down with her. When Kalen walked towards to buses I waved him over, he had 3 other guys with him. One of them was wearing a Lakers hat and jersey; in fact all three of the guys were wearing basketball gear. Kalen said bye to them and walked over and sat next to me. Clover tensed and I laughed. “Clover I would you to meet the one the only Kalen Acai, my brother. Kale this is Clover,” I said indicating to both of them.

“Hey, you’re coming over this arvo?” Kale said looking straight at Clover and she blushed, and then nodded. How many so far? I asked him in his head, sarcasm dripping off every word.

 That’s umm, Clover, Mia, Kaitlin, Harriet, Nicole and Danielle. Kale’s words were indicating he had flirted with everyone; Oh wait no there’s a junior named Valarie, heard of her? He said into my head.

 Don’t think we got off to a great started me and her, I kinda like took her seat in Geo on Monday and she wasn’t impressed by my attitude, I sighed and gave him a run over of the first lesson at this school. He started laughing out loud, and some people nearby looked at him weirdly including Clove.  The bus pulled up and students swarmed to it, climbing on and claiming seats. We got on and went straight to the back, there were a couple of girls that gave Clover and me envious looks and didn’t even try to hide it. Clover was nervous and she sat next to me, behind my eye candy brother. If they hook up I’m going to kill someone, seriously.

We had just pulled out when a slapping sound came from the side of the bus and a tall girl smacked the plastic door again. The driver sighed and opened it “late again, Tammie,” he said to the girl but smiled anyway. The girl at the front of the bus looked up for an empty seat. There was only one next to Kalen. The girl stumbled towards us, she had long chestnut coloured hair that was up in a high pony, and it still fell all the way to her elbows. She was a good size and had a pair of Leopard Print Converses on and a really pretty golden dress on that went to her knees. She had long legs and the dresses colour brought out her deep blue eyes. She walked to Kalen and he nodded his head and moved his bag. Add Tammie to that list of yours, I echoed into Kales head, and he shook it as it trying to shake me out. She’s different from the others, more cautious about what she does, I wonder why, Kalen’s thoughts echoed through his head and mine.

“I’m Tammie,” the girl said putting her bag on the floor in front of her legs. “Kalen,” my brother replied sticking his hand out and she blushed taking it. “Sick Connie’s,” I whispered to her from behind, she jumped and turned around, smiling at me. “Azura, that’s my brother. Do let him push you round,” I told her giving her a warm smile. “He seems nice,” she told me and turned back around. Everyone kind of sat there in awkward silence for a couple of minutes. Many senior girls were giving Tammie the evil eyes every now and then; some were just full out staring. Tammie blushed a lot and Kalen stared out the window. I kicked his leg from under the chair and he asked what my problem was in my head. I replied by flickering an image of him and Tammie talking intently. He sighed and tried to make conversation with Tammie, she was grateful.

By the time that our stop came they had each other’s phone numbers and Tammie and him hugged goodbye. More stares of envy from the other girls on board and all three of us walked off silently. When we turned the last corner to my house, Nixie came running out screaming. “That’s you house?” Clover asked looking in amazement at the 2-story house.

“Yeh I know nothing fancy but it’s livable,” I told Clover just before Nyx plowed into me nearly nocking me over.

“Nixie this is Clover, Clover this is Nixie my little sister,” I said motioning for Clover to keep walking, she did.

“How was school?” Kale asked Nyx, she screamed again and went into full detail of her day, every now and then an image would pop up into our heads.  

“Azura, your house is amazing,” Clover and I walked through the front door and into the kitchen were a newly baked batch of cookies was sitting on the bench. I grabbed a few and offered the plate to Clover she took 2. My mum came out from the study and introduced herself, and Clover did the same. “Where’s Dad?” I asked mum after Clover said that the cookies were amazing. “Working,” Mum replied walking back into the study to work or something. I led Clover upstairs and showed her the rooms one at a time. We finally got to my room and she was wonderstruck. “Are you rich or something?” Clover asked picking up some of my make-up, it was probably worth a lot to her. I shook my head and she sighed in amazement. “What do your parents do?” Clover asked intrigued by my story.

“My mum’s a scientist she works from home mostly, and my dad is a professional photographer,” I told her indifferently; I walked into my closest and got a pair of clean socks.

 “What kind of a Scientist?”

“She studies all types of folk tales, and legends,”

“Like the supernatural and stuff,”

“Yeh I guess,”

“So werewolves and vampires and witches and all that?”


“What about fairies?” she asked. The way she said it made me nervous, like she new something. I laughed in spite myself and looked at her, “yer, unless you think fairies aren’t the real.”

She was sitting on the bed now looking around the room in awe. I pointed to some of the professional pictures of my family and me, “my Dad took those the beginning of the year.”

“Gosh, they are so good,” she got up and walked over to my desk. My drawing book was sitting opened to a nearly bare page only a small delicate flower was printed in the corner. She flipped through the book and was in bewilderment and something else jealousy maybe. 

“How do you do all of these?” she kept flicking quicker now, she finally stopped at a page. I walked closer and it was a picture of a little Forest Fairy, it was the one I had seen just before we left Tybee. She was nice with red piggy tails and a green wrap-dress. Her wings were yellow and green, like most Forest Keepers. “I don’t know I just imagine something and draw it. It just appears on the page, I guess,” I uttered. She ran her finger over the fine lines of the fairies wings; she then looked at me. “It seems so real, like you actually saw it,” she whispered in a voice hardly audible.

I smiled sheepishly, “can you draw?” I picked up a pencil and flicked the note pad to a clean page and handed her them. “Draw me,” I voiced nudging the pad and pencil closer to her. She huffed a sigh of defeat and began sketching.

After about 20 minutes of me sitting still and her continually looking at me she turned the paper around and showed me. The fine lines on my curly hair and the details on my face were incredible, my eyes were shaded to the exact colour and my necklace was in every detail. My eyes widened in surprise, I took the things back and I looked up “May I?” I said holding the pencil over the picture, and she nodded. I tweak some things up here and there and after about 10 minutes the picture looked like it was real life. We both smiled at each other and I pinned it up on my corkboard. I looked at my phone at the time was 2:56 that meant that Charley would be over in about 10 minutes. I scrambled around my room making it neat and tidy again. Clover sat in the corner looking amused.




At 10 past 3 the doorbell rang and I raced downstairs to answer befo- too late Nixie opened it and looked up at the tall jock standing outside. Charley was wearing a pair of tan long pants and a navy blue top, a varsity jacket with the letter ‘C’ was on his shoulders and a shinning silver dog tag hung from his neck. He smiled down at Nyx and said hello in a southern drool. Nixie didn’t look impressed, she said hi and then immediately shut the door on his face. She was in a fit of giggles when I came up behind her and smack her across the head, be polite you little brat, I hissed to her head. She glared at me and reopened the door, Charley stood at the door surprised. When he saw me he smiled, his endless black eyes shinning bright and greeted me, Nyx gave him a sheepish grin. “Sorry,” she whispered up to him. He accepted the apology and came inside.

“Clover’s upstairs,” I told him smiling slightly. I showed him to my room, Nixie continuing to stare. Clover was sitting on my bed legs crossed, a pair of white earphones in her ears and her phone in her lap. She didn’t move when Charley and I walked in. I sat next to her and Charley stood awkwardly in the doorway. “Oi, Azura,” I heard my brother yell from the hallway, and he stood near to Charley. He nodded towards Clover and looked Charley up and down. “I’m Charley,” he said putting his hand out towards Kalen; Kale just looked at it as if it was dirt. Kalen, don’t be an idiot say hi, I growled at Kalen through his head. When he continued to stare, I zapped him.

He flinched and shook Charley’s hand after a tense second. “What?” I hissed at the intruder.

“Mum wants us out of the house for a couple of hours she has things to do,” he said giving me a meaningful look. I nodded and told my visitors that we could go watch a movie and they agreed. We decided to watch one about some supernatural creatures that try to kill people or something. We went to the Cinema in Charley’s car, Clover riding shotgun.




We arrived and Charley bought us some tickets. I sat in the middle, Clove on my left and Charley on my right. The movie had Demons and some witches in it. But they were pathetic compared to the real things, I am sure that if the people in this cinema actually saw a real life witch they would shit bricks. But if they ran into a demon they probably wouldn’t come out of it with their souls still under their names. See demons love to suck up to their big boss, Lucifer and delivering souls only gets them closer to him. Most of the time Faeries stop them and that’s why Demon’s, hate Faeries and Fairies. I grimaced at the memory of the first time I met a Demon and had nearly lost my soul.

Next to me Charley took my grimace for fear of the movie not of my actual memory of the real thing.  

He gently held my hand and looked over at me, as if challenging me if this was ok. In reply I held his hand tighter and he pulled me, I watched the rest of the movie in his embrace, but Clover wasn’t so lucky. She cowered in her seat and occasionally closed her eyes and blocked her ears. I smiled at my newfound friend, and looked up at the boy that was holding me. I smiled again and he returned it and when the movie finished I sat up on a high. When we walked out to the car I shivered from the coldness, “I’m so cold,” I said between chatters. Charley took off his jacket and put it over my shoulders, and I smiled appreciably, Clover shook uncontrollably and she shivered and said, “I’m cold too.” Charley looked over to her coolly, “geez Clover I can’t change the weather,” I felt bad for my friend and when we jumped in the car I blasted the heater up full. 

We stopped by a fast food place and Charley handed over a paper bag, inside was a roasting chicken leg and large fries. I smiled happily and ate it all, including the soft drink. We arrived at Clovers house, which Charley found easily indicating that he had been here many of times before. Clover thanked us for having her and scurried on inside. Charley started up the car again and drove onto the freeway. When he didn’t turn down my street I looked at him puzzled, he smiled, “I wanna show you something.” I nodded and he drove to the edge of the beach and we got out.

I looked out to the ocean, it twinkled, tiny white dots scattering the water. The night sky seeming endless on the oceans reach. The lapping waves reached high up on the shore and a bit further down a pair of blackened cliffs sat motionless. Charley grabbed my hand and started towards them. I was in a pair of jeans now with an opened back singlet. The varsity jacket was big on my shoulders; the arms hanging past my freezing hands, Charley felt me shiver and pulled me in close. I sucked in deeply from my nose and savored the smell of Charley Venator. I smelt something woodsy like pinecone and a hint of oranges. I decided that he has the best smell.  

We continued on towards the rocks and looked out to the endless sea. We got to the jagged rocks and started to climb them, I raced ahead. I stood up and was amazed by the view; grass patches were covered in millions of colourful dots of flowers. The ocean seemed to be a mirror of the sky and a small boat was floating peacefully in the waves. I smiled from the tranquility, and peacefulness. I turned back and Charley was just standing up, he smiled contently at me and moved towards the end. I cautioned him not to go any further and he laughed. “Come on,” he said beckoning me forward, I slowly crept towards him and peered over the edge.

Below sat at least a 100-meter drop straight onto the pointing rocks. “In the summer Valerie throws a massive party down near the pier over there-“ he said pointing on the other side of the cliff, “-and we all come over here and go cliff diving on these rocks, it’s so fun. Its actually coming up in a month, wanna come with me?” I nodded my head and we headed back down to his car.

I jumped down the rocks like it was a jumping castle and started laughing when Charley groaned at how quickly I did it. After a while he started jumping from one to another like me and we got down in record time. I raced him to the car and won. I laughed when he grabbed me and pulled me back. I was in a fit of laughter and only then I realized that he was carrying me into the water. I screamed and tried to turn back but he was to strong and in the end we both ended up shivering from the cold in his car with the heater turned on high. We were still laughing from our night when he pulled into my driveway. He stopped the engine and we sat in silence for a moment and then he got out and opened my door. I laughed again and he took me to my front door.

“I had a great night tonight Charley thank you,” I said up to him, smiling happily. He nodded and kinda just stood there for a hesitant second. I saw in his head that he wanted to kiss me. I blushed and touched his hand; he turned and gently put his lips on mine. I kissed him back and after a second we pulled away from each other. Suddenly the door bust open and Nixie stood in the doorway, hands on her hips. “I’m not sharing her,” she hissed at Charley and with that she pulled my wrist and heaved me inside, slamming the door behind her. I glared at my younger sister and reopened the door, Charley stood there like earlier this afternoon and I quickly apologized. He accepted it and gave me another quick kiss on the lips. We pulled back and I had nearly shut the door when Nyx yelled out, “I’m not joking.”

I stared her down again and she whimpered in my head, I don’t trust him Azura he doesn’t seem good. I didn’t go for it, “I finally get a guy who likes me for me and you have to go and pick out all his flaws. Well guess what Nixie nobody’s perfect!” I screamed at her. She cowered and Kalen appeared at the top of the stairs, “So he likes you for you aye? Well that’s great because he doesn’t know the real you. News flash Azura you’re not a teenage girl with normal problems, you’re a hunted species called a Fairy. F-A-I-R-Y. Fairy, don’t forget it,” he glared down at me and then he vanished. I stormed upstairs in a mood and slammed my door shut. I shivered and had an extremely long shower trying to wash away my problems. As I found out it didn’t work, and I became even more pissed off. I went to bed with dripping cold hair a teddy bear in my shaking arms, and felt unconsciousness slip over me, pulling me under. 

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